Marpple Launches its Print-On-Demand E-Commerce Platform in South Korea and Beyond

Marpple has announced the launch of a brand-new e-commerce website that will enable users to personalize their merchandise with ease and style. This young and forward-looking company promotes “self-designed products with a difference,” looking to meet the growing demand for customized products of an Internet-savvy public. In the print-on-demand (POD) service industry, the South Korean enterprise has the distinction of being the best at what it does in Asia, thanks in large part to its well-received custom printing platform at ( Its uniqueness and popularity lie in its impressive array of web customizing tools, customer-side services, fulfillment services, and production and manufacturing capabilities.

The U.S. is home to numerous firms providing quality POD services, but there are very few businesses that offer IT and manufacturing services simultaneously in the Asian market, thus setting Marpple apart from others in the industry by default. Its platform caters primarily to consumers rather than companies, in line with the group’s mission to establish itself in the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Factory-as-a-Service (FaaS) sectors. Marpple seeks to deliver products and content generated by and tailored to the tastes of the consumers themselves. Tired of the flat designs and generic user experience typical of off-the-shelf products, buyers increasingly desire exclusive, one-of-a-kind products that have no equivalent.

Although the production of merchandise to specification is obviously not new, established vendors and the industry have seldom relied on data-driven analysis to gauge consumer tastes, and often been stymied by chronic problems such as high production costs and long lead times. Times have changed, however, with leading North American and European POD companies such as Teespring, Printful, Zazzle, Sunfrog, and Redbubble reaching billions of dollars in valuation in a few years, riding a wave of technological innovation and cultural change. Their rise has been a major driving force behind the dramatic expansion of the global POD sector, estimated to be worth 10 billion dollars in 2018, with an annual growth rate of around 10% to 15%.

Spotting the potential of this market nearly a decade ago, Marpple began offering custom manufacturing services for Korean consumption, utilizing its IT proficiency to come up with a robust online-to-offline (O2O) business model. The Seoul-based company has grown to become the only platform company of its kind in Asia, and is launching its English and Japanese language services in 2019 in an ambitious bid to reach out to clients worldwide.

Today, Marpple sells over 600 customizable products including clothing, accessories, home decor, phone cases, and other fashion and lifestyle goods. Some 30,000 users stock its site with creations designed personally, ranging from sentimental memorabilia for couples and collector’s items for geeks to merchandise by content creators aimed at their fan following. Its platform also provides free online design tools and template suggestions, allowing for a friendly and inviting user experience. In addition, it has secured copyrights to various characters, photographs, pattern designs, and fonts to give users as extensive a range of options and materials to work with as possible.

With Marpple’s focus unwaveringly on streamlining digital printing and manufacturing processes, the company manages to deliver top quality products on the strength of a truly unique and exceptional platform in the Asian region. Its cutting edge web and mobile development capabilities, coupled with manufacturing expertise, provide maximum satisfaction to customers at a reasonable price.

The all-new creator merchandise e-commerce platform named MarppleShop ( is set to roll out in January 2020. This personalized retail outlet on the web makes it possible for anyone to set up shop in a matter of minutes to sell works that are entirely original, simply with a successful upload of the design of their choice, while all other aspects of a transaction – production, sales, customer service, etc. – are fulfilled directly by the Korean site.

MarppleShop is a one-person e-commerce tool that will empower creators and influencers to sell merchandise with little concern for stocks or inventories. The tool will be available on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and other social media networks. Evolving beyond the standard market practice of businesses ferrying custom-ordered products to the customers, would-be sellers on social media and elsewhere wishing to create and monetize things embossed with their personal brand will be able to reap the full benefits of MarppleShop’s drop shipping services once they sign up.

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Marpple, registered in Korea, is a Print-On-Demand dropshipping e-commerce platform that anyone to set up shop to sell their merchandise.

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