TV regulars cast in Hell of the Screaming Undead

TV regulars cast in Hell of the Screaming Undead

Jasper Cole
Cast of zombie film to include “American Horror Story” star Jasper Cole

Mike Ferguson, Jasper Cole, Vida Ghaffari and Jenn Nangle have been cast in Dustin Ferguson’s “Hell of the Screaming Undead”.

Filming March 2020, the film tells of two ex-jailbirds who fight back against a zombie apocalypse.

It’s the Summer of 1988 and a powerful, unknown virus from New Guinea hits the streets of Los Angeles, turning everyday citizens into flesh hungry, screaming corpses! A tough-as-nails ex-Con “Buzz” (Mike Ferguson) and his former cellmate Earl (Jasper Cole) escape the city and take refuge deep in the Angeles National Forest, along with two female captives. With the threat of impending doom upon them it isn’t long before tensions rise and there’s a violent showdown between not only an army of the Undead, but each other as well!

In a recent interview, Cole – known for his roles in such films as “MacGruber” and “Anyone Home?” – said he no longer chases certain roles, he’s chased for them.

“When I was younger and starting out, I definitely chased lots of roles. It was a constant hustle to be seen and get cast. As I’ve gotten older and now have a body of work, I don’t have to hustle in the same way but the hustle is still real but in a different way. I have to remain open to changing with the times and to roll with it and try to work with new young directors and producers who may not know me or my work.”

A release date for “Hell of the Screaming Undead” will be announced later on.

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