Inner Peace Advisor Reveals How Setting Deep New Year Resolutions Can Change People’s Life

The Inner Peace Advisor, Dominic’s recent interview talks about how to create inner peace with New Year’s resolution.

December 13, 2019 – The year is coming to an end, ushering in a brand New Year in just a couple of weeks. New Year’s is that time of year when people usually make new resolutions. In a recent interview, Dominic, the Inner Peace Advisor, has a word of advice for people on the best way to set New Year’s resolutions. The Inner Peace Advisor is the creator of one of the most revolutionary programs, the 8 Steps to Inner Peace, designed to change people’s mindsets and the way they think. In the interview, Dominic gives insights on how people can set deep new year resolutions and change their lives.

Dominic believes that people set new goals for a New Year because it is a time to take stock of where one has been and where one would like to go. In the corporate world, business owners set annual goals, which act as a benchmark and also give the employees a sense of direction to achieving set goals and objectives. It’s the same with individuals: people need to identify where they want to go and need to know where to focus their efforts in order to reach their desired destination.

The most important thing is for people to identify how they want to feel in the coming new year, 2020 –  this is the bedrock of any goalsetting. For every goal a person sets, there is a desire to feel a certain way. Dominic’s desire is that people approach their end game as directly as possible, which is to focus on how they want to feel.

Dominic reveals knowledgeable insights on what people should aim for as a collective in 2020. The Inner Peace Advisor explained that “As a collective, each of us should aim for saving ourselves. Not to save others or to save the world. If we save ourselves, and by this I mean, we resolve the root causes that prevent our peace, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion, then we automatically achieve what we want most and we make the world infinitely better.”

Though an advocate of inner peace, Dominic also stressed that inner peace is not more important than happiness. Driving his point home, he emphasized that “Inner Peace is a state of being, like a location, similar to a room in a house or a country on the Earth. Happiness is a feeling. Inner Peace can be eternal. Feelings are ephemeral and short-lived.” He, therefore, has this advice for people, “I encourage people to move closer to the state of inner peace because this is the best place to exist from which to achieve an optimal outcome in any pursuit. If you pursue something from a short-lived feeling of happiness, you lose direction and determination when you’re no longer happy.”

Those who desire true inner peace in the coming New Year and want to achieve their new year’s resolutions or goals are encouraged to take the 8 Steps to Inner Peace Course by Dominic, the Inner Peace Advisor.

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