Multi-Issue Deep Dive News with Cross-Promotional Campaign Part of TR Cutler and AutomationMedia 2020 Sponsorship Program

Multi-Issue Deep Dive News with Cross-Promotional Campaign Part of TR Cutler and AutomationMedia 2020 Sponsorship Program

The days of in-depth whitepapers are dead. Short 400-600 word essays over a 10-week period are read consistently when heavily cross-promoted with PR and social media. Conversion-to-sales data is 100% greater as a combined effort and used in conjunction with an aggressive marketing drip campaign to prospective and current customers. This unique combination of proactive content combined with PR and social media has not been offered as a bundled package until now. 

For 2020 AutomationMedia will introduce a series of case study feature article profiles (usually ten real-world examples by a single vendor) as well as dedicated editorial columns in a new sponsorship program. This will allow readers to capture the breadth and insight of thought leaders’ content as a deep dive exploration of both the pain points on the plant floor and the solutions available. 

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About AutomationMedia: 

AutomationMedia, founded in 1998, is one of the most credible sources in the media, with informative content regarding automation, controls, breakthrough manufacturing, as well as operational and industrial intelligence. AutomationMedia is a valuable tool and a favorite bookmarked stop for automation and control professionals worldwide. The publisher has earned a global reputation among industrial software vendors, lean manufacturing experts, and thought leadership contributors.   

According to Naeem Ismat, publisher and editor of AutomationMedia, “We are dedicated to developing the awareness and understanding about interoperability in automation by providing the best information from the best sources.” Ismat added one-time articles often fail to explore the true automation considerations which is why expanded coverage format is critical. 

Ismat recently announced a formal strategic alliance partnership with manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, founder of the 7000-member Manufacturing Media Consortium and is also the CEO of TR Cutler, Inc. This will ensure that all content is aggressively cross-promoted through both publication relations and social media. This will optimize the published content substantially. 

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