Thrown down by Dyslexia, the artist “BC” found his true voice of expression through music

BC is a talented artist who recently released his EP “Extinction” on Spotify featuring 15 amazing tracks, that show his unapologetic attitude and unfiltered opinion on topics. It’s an explicit album that discusses everything from violence to loneliness, and everything in between. Before becoming the artist and the person he is today. BC, a dyslexic kid, had to face a lot of struggles and bullying growing up. He has had girlfriends break up with him for his disability, kids bullied him and teachers intentionally pointing him out to read an article to the class. Originally thinking being dyslexic was a curse, he then eventually realized it was a gift.

Amidst all the chaos in his life, BC found solace in music and started using it as an outlet for all his emotions. He soon became stronger, smarter, confident and willing to fight back. He then went onto learn programming, construction, mechanics and many more things. Once he changed his perspective; everything turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

BC started making music during high school, it was one of the most difficult times of his life. “I sucked at making music at first, eventually I got the hang of it, with each track I get better and better, and now we’re here today, still venting my emotions, but showing things can only hurt you if you let them hurt you, no need to cover up and run from your past if you use it to fuel your rage”.

Through his music, he wants to inspire people to live the way they want to and “be who you are”. He says, “With each song has a different message, and each one has multiple meanings behind them. I want people to find strength from me when I was bullied, to find a way out of whatever nightmare their fighting, I made BC to be my demons that I fight and get strength from those bad memories,  if done correctly they can be a weapon.”

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