OXBTC Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary with BTC Hashrate Reward

From 2014 to 2019, it has been 5 years since the establishment of the top-level cloud mining platform OXBTC. Experienced the ups and downs of the nascent industry and witnessed two rounds of change in the bull market, OXBTC helps hundreds of thousands of users start mining from 0 to 1.

Five-year Development

Wilson – the founder of OXBTC is an early big miner, as the earliest group of people who went to Sichuan / Inner Mongolia and other places to find electricity resources, he summarized mining experience and created the earliest cloud mining in China. At the end of 2019, with its outstanding contributions to the mining industry, OXBTC won the “Most Valuable Cloud Computing Platform” at the second Wuzhen World Blockchain conference issued by the Blockchain Conference Organizing Committee. OXBTC excelled others from currency support, contract duration, payment methods, language support, and other services.


OXBTC currently has a total of 600,000 registered users worldwide, covering 50 countries and regions around the world, accumulating a total of 29,856.95 BTC in Bitcoin mining revenue issue, operating for 1,885 days and 0 security incident happened. Five years of continuous operation has helped OXBTC to become the TOP5 in the industry, and it is currently one of the longest operating times, the highest support, and the most secure cloud mining platform in the industry.

There are a lot of competitors at the current cloud mining market, OXBTC has built its own core core competitiveness:

1. Good reputation: 5 years of cloud mining service provider experience , one of the earliest cloud mining platforms in the world.

2. Stable mining revenue: transparent revenue distribution mechanism, the same with the theoretical revenue of the entire bitcoin mining network;

3. Supply chain advantages: establish strategic cooperation with a number of mining machine manufacturers, like PandaMiner so that it is easy to obtain lower mining machine cost;

4. Leading services: Chinese and English customer service online for working days, massive channels for all users to get a reply from official side; create the first cloud mining contract upgrade and redemption mechanism to protect the rights of miners;

5th Anniversary Celebration

Since it is the anniversary of 5 years, OXBTC is holding its multiple lottery event in celebration of its fifth anniversary. From December 12th to 22nd, 2019, all users are available to share the reward of 100 million yuan bitcoin hashrate. This event is divided into three major activity areas:

1. Purchase Discount: Users who make a purchase during the event, in addition to enjoying a discount of up to 10%, can also get a chance to share the 100 million yuan bitcoin hashrate reward.

2. Partners Wishes: The CEO of OXBTC has expressed his thoughts on the five-year journey, meanwhile OXBTC received a lot of blessing from AntPool / GXChain / Huobi Wallet / imToken / Mytoken / Kcash / TokenPocket / Cobo / MinerUpdate / Hillstone / Cashierest and others.

3. Reward Pool: During the event, login and complete various tasks and get reward points to join daily lottery for big prizes such as BTC / iPhone 11.

More details about 5th Anniversary event: https://www.oxbtc.com/five_active

In addition to the fifth anniversary event, for new registered users, they can get a free bitcoin mining experience voucher of $153, and get three days of mining revenue! Get it: https://www.oxbtc.com/new_user_gift

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