Rising of New Powerful Modern QUEEN – Her Spiritual and Royal Majesty Queen, Dr. Elham Madani, Queen of Humanity from Imperial House of AL-MADANI in Hollywood

After years of waiting, The Royal princess rises as Crown Queen to unify royal houses with the Imperial House of AL-MADANI. To advance and have stronger nation with pure loving energy.

“Be the love to serve, Build the Nation.” By: Her Majesty Queen Elham Madani

AMEN Humanitarian Awards at the same day of her enthronement is going to be launched on December 20th in Hollywood.

A true Queen with pure golden heart, beautiful as Phoenix, fearless and unstoppable with pure Light from Almighty God is about to connect leads of societies to royals with her authority.

Her Majesty Queen Elham Madani roots is connected to a very old monarchy ancestry goes back to 6th century, era of ‘Cyrus,’ who was the progenitor of Achaemenid Empire (also known as King Mohammed Khan Qajar, the Persian king who authorized the nobility of house of Madani.

The progenitor and 1st ancestor of the Madani family was Muhammad Hassan Ibn Hamza Al-Madani (1876-1846) with a descendant of a lineage with both royal and spiritual lineage that goes direct to prophet Mohammad.

Her royal ancestors during years of migration, diversified the origins which incorporated to the traditional cultures of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and West Africa and collaborated with royals and Nobel’s all over the world such as India, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Philippine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Hejaz.

She is the lead for many, especially for women and the youth to stand up together to build a better future. As president of the World Cinema Academy, she is about having great leads to empower women, improve the youth education, develop humanitarian aspect of movie and media industry and unite the nation also royal houses with powerful loving energy.

Born as the only child of medical physician parents, at an early age, she lost her mother and mentor in a humanitarian front line mission during the Iran-Iraq war, an event that left a deep, and never healed wound in her heart. It made her committed to global initiatives for peace and unity, and solidified her commitment to advocate for the plight of the underprivileged.

Her Majesty Dr. Madani is a very prolific international film producer and director with 180 works since 1990. She has helped foundations, Film productions, peace organization and royal houses through her media skills or as a spiritual, royal advisory positions. She is Her Spiritual Majesty (HSM) of Obatala, USA, HH Duchess to Imperial House of Alafia in Africa, and HRH Princess to Royal House of Baloi in the Philippines.

Her natural empathy and oneness with humanity was much admired and it was no surprise, then, that many Royal families and nations such as the Royal Families of Indonesia, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, The White House of USA, Prime minister of Royal House of Baloi of Philippine, the Lions Clubs, the Mayor of different cities such as Artesia, Beverly Hills, Hollywood city, World Peace Diplomacy Organization, and Obatala, to name a few, awarded her with paramount and gold pins and medallions to honor her selfless contribution in peace, education, equality, sustainable development, and more.

These achievements led her to be recognized as a Dame Commander under the House of Baloi’s order of chivalry. She brought forward the R.O.H., Royal Order of Humanity, which seeks to recognize and reward distinguished difference makers in the community for one new world.

In addition to her multiple charitable involvements, she is also Vice President of Media and cultural affairs of Royal House of Baloi of Mindanao, International Media Director of SPMUDA, advanced peace organization. She has also been nominated to be Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. Duties such as these requires focus and dedication, something to which she is accustomed to with her plethora of degrees and disciplines. With a post graduate degree in Linguistics, Honorary Doctorates in Film Production and Directing, Human Rights, Diplomacy, International Business management, Divinity, she is continuing her studies to learn at the same time to teach and to lead.

In 2005, she founded film production company “Mighty Vision Pictures, Inc”. Years later, it grew to become a US-registered international cinematic academy “World Cinema Academy, Inc., a US-registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit, Non-government organization, representing the 17th goal of the United Nations.

The World Cinema Academy serves as an umbrella for an array of services, which include, but is not limited to, the W.I.N.D. International Film Festival, which seeks to empower all filmmakers, primarily female, the Golden Global Beauty Awards, which recognizes inner and outer beauty, as well as the A.M.E.N. World Humanitarian Award Ceremonies, which honors difference makers globally.

WCA is a vessel seeking to identify and resolve pressing community issues to make measurable changes in communities and businesses. With association with string royal houses and spiritual leaders, diplomats she is seeking to add more peace and unity in form of royalty to add more unity and peace for the world. Her current association with over 74000 organization is a sample of this global family community.

Her love journey for humanity have come hit her to over the years to establish an era of inter-cultural relationship for the propagation of global peace, unity and diversity among humanity.

With contribute to Her Majesty Queen. Dr. Elham Madani is a true Global Queen of Humanity.

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Royal House of Madani presents AMEN Humanitarian Awards Private Royal gathering and enthronement of Queen of Royal House of Madani in Los Angles on Dec 20th!

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