Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims & Doctor Negligence Claims Up 90% In UK

Recent research suggests Cancer misdiagnosis claims & doctor negligence claims are up 90% in the United Kingdom

With more and more individuals experiencing the side effects of the NHS (National Health Service) being ‘spread too thin’ with unhappy, overworked staff and a range of other issues such as doctor negligence and medical liability being two of the most prominent areas of concern for the NHS and even private enterprise hospitals outside of the public sector.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims – On The Rapid Increase

Increasingly there has been the issue of misdiagnosis of cancer, delayed cancer diagnosis, and other doctor mistakes which have resulted in a medical negligence claim, for dereliction of duty from doctors & GPs (general practitioners).

Cancer misdiagnosis claims cover all different types of cancer ranging from: Lung cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, blood cancer, throat cancer, kidney cancer and many other forms of cancer, all of which have been misdiagnosed over the years.

Doctor Negligence Claims – Also Increasing

Doctor negligence and GP negligence has reached epidemic levels, with everything from prescription errors all the way up to terminal disease misdiagnosis.

Doctor negligence claims are becoming increasingly common in the UK, for a range of different reasons, one of which is the ever increasing standards expected of the NHS but without enough staff members to carry out the work effectively.

Doctor negligence includes issues such as misjudgments and misdiagnosis of illness, and medication errors.

NHS Or Private Hospitals? Both?

Both the NHS and Private hospitals have been included in this growth of cancer misdiagnosis and doctor negligence claims.

Cancer misdiagnosis can occur with either private doctors or NHS doctors, both have been shown to be capable of getting a cancer diagnosis wrong or delaying the diagnosis of Cancer, even if it was terminal.

This epidemic is not limited just to the NHS.

How Does The Problem Get Better?

It seems that doctors and medical resources, clinics and hospitals are overstretched, leave the service in a situation where it is difficult to maintain a standard of care which can offer the public effective medical treatment and diagnosis.

As a way forward more resources should be allocated to public sector medical services to help maintain the higher standards of operation to provide the best possible service to the British public.

Raising Awareness of Medical Negligence

Well known appearances on TV shows are also raising awareness of medical negligence, hospital negligence and misdiagnosis in general.

There was a recent storyline on the popular British soap coronation street, where a character, Jack injured a knee, contracted sepsis, and many medical doctors & professionals missed the illness, resulting in the leg being amputated where it may otherwise have been prevented if the diagnosis was established faster.

Another high profile example which raised awareness about the issue was on the popular cartoon, The Simpsons in an episode where Homer Simpson  had a crayon lodged in his brain, for which he received compensation for the negligence of medical professionals, who failed to handle the issue.

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