Arborist Allentown – Guardian Tree Company Offers Comprehensive Tree Services in Lehigh Valley

Guardian Tree Company offers comprehensive tree services to Lehigh Valley residents. As established arborists operating out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, the company has built an impressive client base in a short period.

According to announcements released by Guardian Tree Company and Dan Shuey, the company offers tree service in the Lehigh Valley, chiefly in Allentown and Bethlehem. This established arborist Allentown completes every task to ISA standards and the satisfaction of OSHA safety regulations. The company has the equipment and skilled manpower to tackle and neutralize hazards posed by trees during the process of removal.

According to sources, the company is fully insured; this is of particular significance for homeowners and businesses because contracting an insured arborist protects service consumers from legal costs associated with injuries and damage during the course of work. Experience in the removal of large trees necessitates working with a crane operator and the ability to handle equipment essential for the job. Professional arborists have to be good at climbing trees. These are essential considerations when hiring a tree removal service. Guardian Tree Company provides emergency tree services for situations that include trees falling on houses, vehicles, by the roadside, on power lines, etc. The company recommends the removal of dead trees before these topple over. 

The company also offers stump grinding and stump removal services so that the appearance of a premise can be restored immediately without waiting for the stump to decay. Arborists at Guardian Tree Arborist can help maintain the health of a tree and ensure safe surroundings through crown cleaning, and pruning of dead and diseased limbs. Interior thinning helps a tree withstand storms and allows sunlight to filter through to nourish grass and shrubs beneath. Elevating the lower limbs ensures safe clearance between the ground and foliage at the lowest level.

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Dan Shuey of Guardian Tree Company said, “We will do what it takes to ensure that your property is left cleaner than when we arrived, and you are fully satisfied with the work performed. We strive to have an experienced arborist on every job-site, and the price we quote you is set in stone, which means you will never deal with the uncomfortable negotiations of a rising estimate! We know that choosing a tree service is not something that you often do, and we would like you to take comfort in knowing that we are specialists in the tree care industry. With Guardian Tree Company, you get affordable pricing and professional service always. Trimming, removing, pruning, and all other tree services are very important. However, more important is the safety of your family, property, and our staff. We put safety as our first priority, and all new hires go through a safety training course before starting work as well as on the job safety practices. We have the experience and knowledge to make precision surgical cuts when pruning to leave your tree in a healthy state so the tree may flourish and grow stronger than it was before. We have the expertise to identify tree diseases and pests so they may be eliminated. Guardian Tree Co. is a locally owned and operated small business. We appreciated your business and strived to be a positive part of our local community.”

Apart from regular arborist services that also include shaping trees and clearing tree limbs away from a structure, customers can also avail regular tree maintenance at a flat rate. 

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