Author Tomthunkit™ Releases Latest Book ‘TOMTHUNKIT’S THEORY OF THE UNIVERSE: The Greatest Story Ever Told’

In the book everyone will be debating fervently, Tomthunkit™ covers: Our Origins, Psychology, Genealogy, Philosophy, Political Science, Theology, Climate Crisis, Global Warming, Our Dying Planet, and A Final Warning.

Dec 17, 2019 – This controversial author, Tomthunkit™ has recently announced the launch of his book titled ‘Tomthunkit’s Theory of the Universe: The Greatest Story Ever Told’. Our universe is at the cusp of imminent danger, according to Tomthunkit™ and his Cosmic sources. And, in this book, he explains why, and how this is true. In his book, Tomthunkit™ debunks both creationism and evolution, and proves we were created by Superior Beings.

The information in this book is presented in a comprehensive, yet digestible form, backing up the title’s claim of it possibly being the ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’. Not all the information found in this book would be easily processed and accepted by the average reader. It’s extremely controversial. The book sounds a loud alarm about how our climate crisis is fast reducing the time we have left to save ourselves and “SAVE THE PLANET.”

In a recent interview, the author explained, “We have brought impending doom upon us; unless we unite to take drastic measures, and make an immediate course correction. We have run out of highway because our Creators have run out of patience. This book is not about me. I cannot solve the problems listed in this book. I did what I was told. It’s up to you and your world leaders to do the rest.”

‘Tomthunkit’s Theory of the Universe: The Greatest Story Ever Told’ is available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle, and Paperback.

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