DoNotPay Helps Travelers Skip The Phone Queue When They Need Help Resolving Issues With Companies Like Expedia

People need someone to fight for them and their rights. I like to think of DoNotPay as a digital lawyer that will protect customers and give them an upper hand over large companies that tend to ignore their complaints. Before they make a decision that rips off the customer, they’ll think ‘this could be made public and go viral and hurt our business.’
– Joshua Browder, DoNotPay’s founder and CEO.
Waiting on hold is one of the major causes of frustration in America. Reaching Expedia’s customer service in times of need is a time-consuming and nerve-wracking ordeal. But this is why DoNotPay is here for! This app can connect a customer with a live company’s employee easily, without waiting on hold and going through long phone trees. DoNotPay can also be a great ally in legal disputes as it provides the users with recordings of their customer service conversations.

Reaching Expedia’s customer service is easier said than done. The company has millions of customers and many of them have a lot to complain about. People most commonly need customer support to solve their vacation and booking issues, canceled or delayed flights, no-show car rentals, and all sorts of booking mistakes. Most of these issues are easily solved but the problem lies elsewhere. Getting in touch with a customer rep that can solve them is sometimes almost impossible.

The traditional way — getting in touch with the customer support department over the phone — is usually the most effective but also the most time-consuming. According to Westuc’s research, an average American wastes 43 days of their life waiting on hold! But that’s the least of their troubles. There are also multiple transfers and endless phone trees to deal with, and sometimes the issue may not be solved at all. For this reason, many people just give up and settle for a less-than-satisfying product or service.

This is where DoNotPay comes in handy. The app’s latest feature, straightforwardly named Skip Waiting On Hold, can connect the angry customers to Expedia’s customer service without that burning frustration and helpless feeling waiting on hold can bring about.

The app is free for download on Apple’s App Store. Customers who don’t use iOS devices can easily access it in any web browser. All a customer needs to do is type in the name of the company whose customer service department they want to reach. The app will then use its database of VIP, priority customer service numbers to find the easiest way to reach a live rep. It will go through the phone tree and wait on hold instead of the customer. Meanwhile, the app will show the estimated time until the customer can pick up. Thus, they can enjoy their favorite activities while the app does all the work. When a customer rep is available for conversation, the user will get a notification to pick up.

Another great feature DoNotPay offers is conversation recording. When the customer reaches customer service, both parties will hear a message that the conversation is being recorded. That way, the customer will be protected in case the company rep refuses to help them or gives a feeble excuse. The customer can also use the recording in a small claims court if the process ends with legal actions.

DoNotPay’s aim is to protect customers from wasting their time and being cheated on by major companies. With the app’s help, customers will get help and solve their issues promptly, without flying off the handle. 

You can read more about Expedia’s customer support and DoNotPay here:

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