Fang Yu: in the tide of WeChat Business recovery, the brand is determined to become Huawei in light medical skin care industry

Just in these days, a brand suddenly became hot in a lot of old WeChat Business. In just one day, the brand has attracted more than 900 alliances, and now when Fang Yu starts to write this article, the number has broken 1 thousand. Perhaps when you read this article, the brand’s number of directors is several thousand and even ten thousand. A day and a half, several shareholders of the brand and Fang Yu made a simple replay, the success of which is as follows.

  • Super blockbuster opened the market at an ultra-low price.

With light medical skin care positioning, five invention patents and only few thousands of samples, the brand immediately won a large number of old agents. In virtue of the functions such as moisture, repair, emollient, and lubricating, the brand aims specifically at a few functions of the face, and the effect is especially good. Those who know the trade should know that the general retail price of brands with two or more invention patents is above 200 Yuan/box while with five patents, the retail price is at least 600 Yuan/box, so how much do they fix? 68 Yuan! Then how much is the purchase price for the highest-level agents, i.e., directors? 18 Yuan! A lot of people will ask, does that company still have profit? Yes, 0.1 Yuan per box. After deducting all the taxes and all the costs, only 0.1 Yuan is last.

  • Activate the old WeChat Business community.

The super-blockbuster and ultra-low-cost strategy suddenly ripped a hole in the market, with more than half of the 900 directors serving as old WeChat Merchants for five or six years. Through this blockbuster product, the old WeChat Merchants instantly activated the previously unactivated agents. The company only earns 0.1 Yuan per box and basically gives most of the profit to the agents. So the old WeChat Merchants quickly learned about this point that they’ll make profits easily as long as they joined early. As if it is very simple, some people will say that we only need to spend money to get the products with five patents, and after large-scale publicity, we can also attract a number of agents, we can do it! If that’s the case, it’s a big mistake!


Wei Yuanyuan, an old WeChat Merchant, is used to be the highest-level agent of HanXi; Sister Cat is once a super lead of a team of more than 300,000 members; A’niu is the handler behind the game; the combination of these people formed the brand’s extremely strong core of execution and decision-making. Their network, resources and experience are gathered together in a brand, which is doomed to be the result of success. This team is well versed in the game and the way of WeChat Business. In five or six years, the team has witnessed many WeChat Business, and rich WeChat Business experience and deep industry network laid the most powerful core of the project. 

Therefore, no matter from the product, the pattern or the play method, the team is doomed to be superior. In particular, they have experienced ups and downs and suffered a lot in the industry, with countless experience of failure, the lessons they learned are no less than anyone, and after over three months of preparation, they gathered the power and in a day, more than a thousand directors were joined in. When the article is approaching to the end, they told me that the number of new agents is now almost counted in minutes. Because among the more than 1000 directors, most of them are once the leaders of the teams with ten thousand members, they have their resources, and hundreds of leaders of the teams with ten thousand members working together attracted the new agents which are increased in minutes naturally.


A lot of people ask, that’s all? Of course not. Strong endorsement is also an important factor. It costs more than $800,000 to get an international star, Lady Gaga, to endorse. Not to invite domestic stars, nor to ask internet celebrity, but to ask an international star who has not been invited by WeChat Business to do endorsements. Someone might ask, is the model legal? That’s for sure. 2019 is social e-commerce compliance year. If it does not fit the rule, who dares to make large-scale publicity; if it is illegal, who dares to recruit the agents openly; if it is involved in a pyramid selling scam, can it attract so many agents to rush in? 

By the way, lots of people are going to ask, what’s the name of this brand? HAJING. And then it’s over? Yes! It’s over, and you can watch the image below slowly, since it basically covers all the highlights of the brand.


Below is Wei Yuanyuan’s QR code, if your are interested, you can learn more from Wei Yuanyuan.


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