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Before the internet, marketing required a sizable allocation of company resources. A medium-to-big sized company often have an entire department just for their marketing.

Smaller companies would usually have a small team specifically dedicated to handling marketing tasks. Other businesses choose to outsource the fulfillment of their marketing needs to a marketing agency. And any serious marketing strategy will involve spending huge amounts of money on professional marketing services, renting ad space or air time, production of marketing materials, and so on. This is not to mention the time and effort needed to plan, execute, and sustain a full marketing campaign. Far-reaching campaigns were options available only to deep-pocketed conglomerates. A small business has to settle for a big sign fronting its store and the occasional flyer give-outs.

Then the Internet happened. It does not only offers a democratized communication channel but it also gave capabilities to individuals to market themselves. Making content can be done easily and free. Marketing has a truly global reach as network access got cheaper and internet penetration grew in populations of all places and regions.

Then a second revolution happened: the birth and proliferation of social media. Among the many applications of the internet, it is perhaps the most defining of our current society. Whereas the internet opened electronic pathways for connections to be possible, social media provided ways for everybody to make meaningful social connections to others. It’s like a web of functional connections layered over a web of network connections.

Unique to social media is the “always-on” level of engagement among its users, and every user capitalizes on that particular fact to attract attention for themselves. In social media, you’re either promoting yourself, responding to the self-promotions of others, or (ready for this?) you’re promoting yourself through promoting the promotions of others – also known as sharing or reposting. And when this last activity repeats exponentially through the social network, it’s a situation that all marketers and promoters want to achieve: going viral.

As more companies are joining the bandwagon of doing promotions through social media, many of them realize that it’s not as simple and straight-forward as the occasional postings to attract likes. Content marketing is a very involved and exacting process. Are businesses back to how they were, having marketing departments or employing marketing agencies to correctly do the marketing work? The answer is yes but not exactly.

What businesses need are services that excel in content marketing strategies. And when it comes to content marketing, SupportServicePro is an expert in the field. SupportServicePro has a bespoke campaign strategy that can be easily adapted to the client’s needs and it has the following framework.

First, SupportServicePro helps clients define their goals. Is marketing intended to strengthen the brand? Is it to increase social media following? Or is it to increase sales and revenue?

Second, SupportServicePro helps clients identify their target market. Maybe clients know their real-world customers but have they defined the personas of their internet followers and potential customers? Who is their audience?

Third, SupportServicePro surveys all their client’s marketing content and ongoing marketing effort on the internet. SupportServicePro would need to help a client decide whether to consolidate its marketing efforts, repurpose some or replace others. Or maybe, totally rehaul the system if it’s not serving the purpose of achieving the goals.

Fourth, SupportServicePro collaborates with its clients in determining the types of content to be used. Would it include blogs? Blogs work great with search engine optimization. Would it have infographics or images? These are relatively easy to produce, very attractive, and easy for users to absorb and mentally process. Would it involve videos? Videography is probably the most premium of all content types but it is the king of online content. This is because videos can be used as advertisements, sales letters, promotional tools, brand enhancers, and so on. Other content types are also considered such as case studies, podcasts, eBook formats, and of course, social media.

Lastly, SupportServicePro will help a client determine how it wants its contents produced and how the strategy is managed.

SupportServicePro is here to transform businesses with effective content marketing strategies and it has positioned itself as the business partner for marketing success.

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