Why Today’s Low End Furnace is More Efficient than the High Ends of Yesterday

Why Today’s Low End Furnace is More Efficient than the High Ends of Yesterday

BOSS Services Owner Jerry Street
BOSS Services is a Heating and Cooling contractor in South West Michigan. The company is known for its friendly services and affordable prices.

By Zoey Thompson

COLOMA, MI With winter just around the corner many homeowners have already discovered a problem with their heating systems that can lead to costly repairs or replacement. Michigan based BOSS Services believes in helping the public make informed decisions and offers consultations and blogs that cover some of the most frequently asked questions of home service contractors. Owner Jerry Street says that one of the most commonly asked questions is whether to replace or repair and he says that it really comes down to long-term costs versus short-term savings. 

“An efficient furnace during times of expensive energy costs can save a homeowner in the short run quite a bit of money — especially in a cold weather state like Michigan where heating costs can skyrocket between November and March,” he explains. “Understanding the costs means understanding what (AFUE) annual fuel utilization is and how it determines a system’s efficiency. The rating explains how much of your fuel actually becomes heat. Even the high end systems of a few decades ago only have a rating in the sixtieth percentile where as today the low end systems get a minimum of eighty.”

The Department of Energy has mandated that new furnaces have an AFUE rating of at least 80%. That means the lowest end furnace utilizes 20% more of the energy dollars than a high-performing, well-maintained furnace from the last decade. “But,” as he explains, “how many old furnaces are running at peak? Not many.”  According to Street most of the new models run at 85-95% which is incredible monthly savings and will make the payoff on a new installation paid for within a few short years.

BOSS Services understands that not everyone has money for a new system and tries to offer as many affordable options for his customers as possible. They believe that proper maintenance, changing of filters, and other tricks around the home can help to defray costs until a homeowner is capable of financing a new system. Streets suggests that those who are concerned about heating costs can call their office and discuss solutions, promising to work with the budget that homeowners have.

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