Pema Wellness Resort Offers A New Experience In Holistic Healing

Pema Wellness Resort Offers A New Experience In Holistic Healing
Pema Resort is an ideal place for relaxation and holistic healing and opulent finely crafted wellness programmes

December 17, 2019 – Located in the pristine surroundings with a stunning view of the Bay of Bengal on one side and Eastern Ghats on the other, Pema Wellness Resort is an ideal place for relaxation and holistic healing. The resort offers a 5-star experience with its spectacular sunrises and sunsets along with fresh and soothing sea breeze to form a perfect destination for a rejuvenating experience.

Wellness at Pema is a wholesome experience that comes through ancient practices of Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation, therapeutic nutrition, and other healing practices. All these therapies are non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive and work as preventative medicine to efficiently detoxify the system with Yoga and Nutrition having a major role in the line of treatment. The individualised programmes are carefully designed in consultation with the doctors, where guest expectations & goals are taken into consideration at every step of their wellness journey.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to treating illness by finding the root cause and treating the disease, not the symptoms. Imbibing the healing powers of natural ingredients, various therapies and using food as medicine Board-certified doctors at Pema Wellness Resort aim to cure ailments, build immunity, encourage the body’s own healing capacity & restore natural body functions. Inspired by the five elements of nature, every aspect of wellness at Pema harmonises, balances, and nourishes one towards rebuilding cellular health and reversing the aging process.

Therapeutic and Personalized Asanas repair the body, calm the mind, and rejuvenate the senses creating a perfect harmony.

“Private” beachside yoga enveloped in the soulful orchestra of the sea and fresh breeze uplifts the ‘prana’ – vitality. The yoga programme at Pema wellness is a once in a lifetime experience opening one up to mastery over breathe, meditative reflection and leading the self to be in bliss with specially designed kriyas.

The therapeutic nutrition programme at Pema is a gourmet cuisine with a carefully designed diet plan customized for every single guest keeping in mind their unique body requirements. Guests are led to savor the goodness of nature by thriving on the mindfully crafted vegetarian wellness cuisine that comes from years of research into the nutritional value, healing properties and calorie composition of various superfoods and herbs. The food here is not only tasty and nutritious, but it is also guilt-free and satisfies the palate as it heals, detoxifies and leaves one feeling content from within.

The wellness journey at Pema begins with diagnostics and consultation with the clinical team of doctors followed by our yoga consultant who then designs a programme best suitable for holistic wellbeing & healing of the guests. The process culminates in an individually tailored treatment plan that actively engages the guest in his/ her health. Our experienced team handholds you through every step of the programme with treatments that are just right for you, a diet that is tailored to suit your individual requirements in an endeavour to heal the body, mind, and spirit and bring out the best possible results.

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