Sacred Raven Tattoo Shop in Fayetteville, NC – Exceptional Custom Tattoos and Piercings

Sacred Raven Tattoo Shop in Fayetteville, NC - Exceptional Custom Tattoos and Piercings
Sacred Raven Tattoo Shop in Fayetteville, NC, is a family-friendly tattoo and body-piercing shop that locals trust for artistic excellence in tattoo design and impressive experience with aftercare provided.

According to announcements released by Sacred Raven Tattoo and Owner Jose Torres, the business is a favorite tattoo shop for locals with a state-of-the-art-facility. Sacred Raven Tattoo Shop in Fayetteville, NC, is a walk in destination where locals and soldiers stationed in Fort Bragg can get inked. With Sacred Raven, customers do not have to wait for weeks or months to get a great tattoo. Customers are encouraged to brainstorm tattoo concepts and ideas to create a bespoke piece of body art, then walk in or call the store to get started.

According to sources, the artists’ portfolio on the company’s website is a rich repository of custom tattoo ideas that clients can draw inspiration from. A fair chunk of Sacred Raven’s clientele consists of those desirous of getting body piercing work done. Sacred Raven is intentional about the healing process after a tattooing or piercing job. Customers are given detailed aftercare instructions, and the business responds to customers that wish to stop by after getting a tattoo or piercing done for further clarity. 

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Tattoo artist and owner Jose Torres said, “Here at Sacred Raven Tattoo & Piercing in Fayetteville, we look forward to giving you the best tattoo and body piercing experience that you will cherish for many years to come. We take pride in what we do and enjoy every second of it. The majority of our staff members have worked together, side-by-side, for over ten years. Most of our tattoo artists are from South Florida. We moved up here as a team hoping to make Fayetteville, NC, our new home. We take great pride in building long-term relationships with our clients.

Our professional tattoo artists combined have an eclectic array of styles and specialties — ranging from black and gray realism tattoos, color realism tattoos, and traditional tattoos to neo-traditional tattoos and watercolor tattoos. Our staff has over two decades of experience combined in custom tattoos and body piercings. Having worked together for so many years, we strive to keep our Fayetteville tattoo shop’s environment feeling like a home for everyone who walks through the doors. Not only do we want to be the best tattoo artists in Fayetteville, but we want to be your personal tattoo artist! Stop by Sacred Raven Tattoo & Piercing in Fayetteville today for a free consultation or to just chat and check us out! We can’t wait to learn more about you and your custom tattoo ideas!”

Elaborating on the business’s philosophy of being customer-friendly, Torres said, “Being a tribe ourselves, we understand most people travel in packs. Please do not be discouraged from stopping by our tattoo and body piercing shop with your children. There is also no need to be freaked out if one of our friendly bearded artists wants to hold your baby. We keep a box of toys in our waiting area to help entertain them. Contact us today with any questions or concerns!”

Along with great custom tattoos and piercings, customers can gain in-depth knowledge about all things related to these arts through the company’s blog. Also, the “Free Quote Box” on the website is a handy tool to get an estimate of the costs involved.

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