Artist HAN Yuchen, A Persistent Holy Light Chaser

Recently, an anthology on HAN Yuchen’s creative notes and oil paintings named Holy Light, edited and published by Xlibris has put on shelves in the world-renowned bookstores as Google, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobel…

The artist, HAN Yuchen

Recently, an anthology on HAN Yuchen’s creative notes and oil paintings named Holy Light, edited and published by Xlibris has put on shelves in the world-renowned bookstores as Google, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobel, both online and offline. The anthology received full attention and highly compliments from readers worldwide.

The beginning of Genesis in the Bible speaks of God, creating all living beings and making light on the first day. At first, the earth was empty and chaotic, the abyss was dark, and the Spirit of God was running on the water. God said, “Let there be light!” and there was light.

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an average elevation of over 4,000 meters, is the closest place on earth to the sky. Although the air here is scarce and unsuitable for survival, the bright sunshine and the holy mountains and lakes here still nurture all living creatures, as well as a strong and great ethical group — Tibetan. They use the most persistent belief from hearts to guard the pure land in the process of human civilization. They use their lives to create a broad and profound historical culture, like the light of the sky, brilliant and glorious.

In the Deep Mountains  (HAN Yuchen)  200 x 255 cm

HAN Yuchen is a holy light chaser from the East. He visited Tibet multiple times. he has crossed the grasslands, climbed over snowy mountains, trekked through glaciers; he used his eyes and body to appreciate the rhythm of nature. He shared tents, slept in yurts, lived in Tibetan houses, made friends with Tibetans, which all to feel Tibetan people’s pure hearts. He did not flinch in case of landslides and mudslides and fearless when faced death. He devoted all the emotions in his heart to this place, and he created a series of excellent oil paintings with the sincerest reverence and worship.

The intensive refraction of light and shadow in Han’s work collides with our visions and stings our souls. These ordinary yet noble people who live on the roof of the world are telling us the stories of love and faith, kindness and redemption, forbearance and sublimation, which enlighten and courage us. From this, we found the dimensions of life, the comfort of the soul, and return to pure joy.

The stories in the anthology not only record HAN Yuchen’s inner path in the creative process, but also the discovery and exploration of Tibet’s folk customs. Moreover, it expressed Han’s touches and praises to the beautiful purity, and true love. HAN Yuchen was born in 1954, in a labor family of Hebei Province, China. As a train driver, His father was good at painting and calligraphy had become Han Yuchen’s first teacher. However, in the particular historical period of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, HAN Yuchen, who was admitted to the Central Academy of fine arts, China’s highest Academy of fine arts, twice with outstanding performances, was rejected because of his family background. As persistent as Han is, he did not give up his dream and pursuit, he worked while learning painting, continually improving, continually creating. He chases the light of his heart, forward all the way.

Over the past ten years, in his spare time, he has been rooted in the snowy plateau, rooted among the Tibetan compatriots. With passion, he devout himself to the creation of numerous paintings that reveal real Tibet. On the snowy plateau, from the natural environment and customs to people’s way of life, Tibetan people’s psychological state still preserved much beauty of primitive, and the beauty of simplicity. This kind of human nature is precious in present times. It is the uncontaminated and un-sculpted true beauty in the artist’s eyes.

Shepherdess  (HAN Yuchen)  170 X 320 cm

Tibet is an extreme area for human survival, with scarce vegetation and high oxygen deficiency. Tibet is cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is significant. It is easy to catch a cold; sickness and fever usually lead to emphysema, which is life-threatening. Tibet’s road conditions are deplorable, frequent landslides and debris flow, on the edge of deep cliffs, dangerous situations pop up often.  Because of these reasons, most people do not dare to enter Tibet, and the fact that tragedies have happened to previous visitors further discouraged people from visiting Tibet.

Winter sweets come from the bitter cold, and there are gains in every cultivation. HAN Yuchen’s series of oil paintings of Tibet touched the world.

By Susan Cui

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