Quick Keys Locksmith Edison, NJ Have the Perfect Lock Solution

Do you need an automotive locksmith to handle a vehicle lockout?  Maybe you need a residential locksmith to install new locks. A commercial locksmith is the pro who protects your business.  No matter what type of locksmith you need, Quick Keys Locksmith professionals are there to handle your lock and key needs, even when you need an emergency locksmith who’s around day and night.

Types of Residential Door Locks

Residential door locks keep uninvited people out of the home, protecting yourself, your family, and your valuables. A variety of types of locks provide protection against theft, burglary, and other mishaps. Quick Keys Locksmith Edison, NJ can come out to your home to install any of these locks, which includes dead-bolts, one of the most popular lock styles installed today.  A deadbolt is installed in addition to a regular lock. It cannot be opened with a key; it can be opened only by turning the lock.  Furthermore, this lock cannot be manipulated or picked with any device or a dummy key.

Additional Home Locksmith Edison, NJ Services

Aside from deadbolt installation, a locksmith can secure other items in the home that need to be locked up. Call Quick Keys Locksmith to learn more about peephole installation.  This simple installation gives you the chance to look outside when there is a knock at the door, so you know exactly who is on the other side.  Learn more about the gun locks options available if you’re a gun owner.  Guns protect us and are fun to own, but if they’re not properly locked up, they’re dangerous!  Quick Keys Locksmith ensures your guns are under lock and key, never to get in the wrong hands.

Protecting a Business with Locksmith Help

High security locks are oftentimes the chosen lock style for business doors.  With so much at stake, business owners appreciate the added peace of mind and protection gained when these locks secure the doors. Quick Keys Locksmith Security locks are not easily manipulated and come in styles that can be added to most any business door (or even the doors at your house if you’d like). Additional services provided by a quality commercial Locksmith Edison, NJ include new locks installation, lockout service, and security alarm installation, among many others.

Quick Keys Locksmith car locksmith handles vehicle lockouts, can remove broken keys from the ignition, will make new keys for the car, and can rekey the car.  This professional also offers key fob repair and replacement.  Cars that use transponders have a fob that works with them to start the vehicle, open doors, etc.  The chip can damage or wear out and need to be reprogrammed.

Electronic Locks are Simple to Install

Electronic locks provide home and business owners with the latest and greatest that technology offers. These locks do not use keys, but instead use a special code to gain entry.  Only people who have this code can get inside, otherwise, the entire door would need to be removed to gain entry.  There are no keys to duplicate and the passcode is easy to change as often as necessary.  These locks are safe and secure, as burglars will have a difficult time breaking a lock without a cylinder or mechanism that can be manipulated to gain entry inside of this lock style. Quick Keys Locksmith has it all!

Car Lockout Service is Available

Call Quick Keys Locksmith Edison, NJ if you’re locked out of the car.  A vehicle lockout occurs when your doors are locked, and the keys are inside.  It can also occur when you’ve lost the only set of keys to the vehicle. Don’t break the windows or pull out your hair when this happens.  It’s more common than you think!  A good local locksmith such as Quick Keys Locksmith can come to you fast and use their lockout expertise to safely open the doors to the vehicle.  They’ll even make new keys if necessary. This includes creation of transponder keys, which can sometimes be tricky to make.

A Locksmith Locks in the Protection

When protecting the people that you love and the things that you’ve worked hard for is important, call a locksmith to learn more about the different lock options for every area of your life.  It is easy to lock in protection at home, work, and in the car with the help of Quick Keys Locksmith Edison, NJ professional by your side.

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