Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston offering lock emergency services

You may be searching high and low for a commercial locksmith for your business and a residential locksmith for another separate concern. Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston have locksmiths that are trained to cover all residential, commercial and vehicle lock concerns. Don’t get two different locksmiths out to do two different jobs and pay two call out fees contact the team who will send one of their technicians to handle both problems.

Securing the patio door

Some people forget to secure their patio door. We forget this can be an access point to your home. You should have an extra layer of protection on your patio door to ensure criminals stay out. Talk to you locksmith about the different types of patio door locks to secure and make it safe. Dead locks are a great option for a patio door lock as they are durable and cannot be manipulated very easily. If your patio door is lacking security, you might as well not have any security measures on your home at all. Criminals will find the weak spots around your home.

Needing a duplicate car key just in case?

Some good advice in this situation is when you need your keys copied ensure you get it carried out by a trained locksmith. If you go to your dealership you will be paying over double the price for the same item just because it comes with the dealer’s logo. You can drop the key into the team and go have a coffee while you wait, or the team can come to your location and carry out the key duplication.

What can 24/7 service be used for?

24/7 service can be used by those who are facing a lock malfunction or another type of security problem. Locksmith Boston, MA will be able to assist in getting the problem sorted out without any hassle or stress. Don’t accept work from a locksmith that tells you they will get back to you next week. Lock and key problems are a safety concern and need to be dealt with asap. If your locksmith is not prepared to work on the problem straight away, then you need to steer clear of them.

If you need a broken key extraction or have you lost the key to your residential property or perhaps suffered a break in and needing some urgent break-in repairs to be carried out all these falls under the 24/7 service. Even if a part needs to be ordered in something will be organised temporary to protect your while you wait.

Does anyone still use peepholes anymore?

People are growing slack when it comes to their security. New homes do not come with peepholes anymore and most people won’t add them as an extra. Peepholes are going out of fashion, but it doesn’t mean they still don’t exist. Even if you have a modern door the locksmith Boston, MA team can still take care of a peephole installation for you and you won’t even notice it is there. Peepholes are very small, and they allow you to see out without being noticed. If someone knocks on the door, instead of answering it to potential threats, you can just look through the peephole and see who is at the door and if it is safe to open the door. No more putting yourself at risk when opening the door. If you want more information surrounding peepholes contact your locksmith Boston, MA who can talk you through the different types, how they work and just what benefits they can offer you.

Uncle Ben’s Car Locksmith Boston is worth every penny and more

The only one who can safely get a broken key out of an ignition barrel is a trained locksmith. When it comes to things like break-in repairs and claiming insurance the team are up to date with their training and knowledge and know how to assist to get the job done right. Locksmiths are trained to install all different types of security systems and CCTV cameras without tripping the power or causing a fire.

No matter what job you need done the locksmith team are the ones to call to ensure everything is done with the utmost care and safety.

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