Furnace Installation Services Available in The Kansas City Area

Furnace Installation Services Available in The Kansas City Area

The Kansas City area experiences frigid cold temperatures during the winter months. It is critical that homeowners have a working furnace to heat their home to avoid complications like an uncomfortable living space, frozen pipes, high energy bills, and even illness. Many people do not realize their furnace needs to be replaced until it stops working. However, there are telltale signs a furnace needs to be replaced that homeowners should know.

For the best assessment of the state of a furnace, homeowners should seek the help of professional furnace specialists like the ones at https://www.lbaservices.com/. Otherwise, a person should be on the lookout for the following signs a new furnace is needed.

The Furnace Is More Than 15 Years Old

The average lifespan of a furnace is around 20 years old. However, homeowners should start considering new furnace options when an existing furnace is around 15 years old. Additionally, new furnaces are much more efficient than older ones.

The Heating Bill is Steadily Rising

An increase in heating costs is expected once the temperatures drop. However, if a homeowner notices their bill climbing steadily, it may be time to call furnace installation specialists like the ones at LBA Services. If the homeowner has always kept up on regular furnace maintenance, it is likely that their furnace is on its way out.

The Burner Flame Is Yellow

A furnace in perfect shape has a blue or blue/green burner flame depending on the gas it burns. However, if a homeowner notices its flame is yellow, it could mean the furnace is producing carbon monoxide or is operating inefficiently. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is clear, tasteless, and odorless, so finding a new furnace is imperative to the health of the people in the home.

There Is Soot Around the Registers

A furnace register is a duct with dampers to control the duct’s airflow. Soot typically collects around the registers when the furnace has an excess of carbon monoxide from a cracked heat exchanger. As mentioned above, carbon monoxide is deadly, so this problem needs to be addressed immediately for everyone’s safety.

What to Expect with a New Furnace Installation

When a contractor plans a furnace installation, they will take a few things into consideration before starting. First, they discuss the savings the homeowner is looking for and the temperature they prefer. Next, they take measurements of the house, count the number and type of windows it has, and determine how well the home is insulated. They consider the layout, the house’s relation to the sun, and the insulation’s resistance to heat transfer before designing a perfect heating system for the home.

Once the design is complete, the technicians remove the old furnace and dispose of it using the most environmentally responsible methods. Then, the installation of the new furnace can begin. Homeowners should expect the installation to take place over one to two days. Technicians should be flexible around the homeowner’s schedule and cognizant of the needs of the homeowner while they’re at the house. Homeowners can visit here for more information on how a furnace is installed.

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