Jobisite offers feature to Post Jobs in Multiple Job Boards

Jobisite offers feature to Post Jobs in Multiple Job Boards

Jobisite provides a wide range of services to recruiters, employers and even for job boards. 

Jobisite clarifies about the new feature to post jobs in multiple job boards in a single click.

With increasing job sites, employers and recruiters these days have many options concerning posting their job openings as compared to what it was earlier.

To get a diversified audience for their job posted ads, recruiters these days wish to post their job advertisements to different job boards nowadays. To help them expand where they post their jobs, Learn Jobisite clarifies about the facility offered by Jobisite to post jobs in a wide range of job boards.

To help employers, Jobisite has started the service based on which employers can get their job posts shared in many job boards. 

In turn, their job ads will reach a larger target audience. Moreover,  JobiSite clarifies that Jobisite charges per hire and not per job campaign. It means that employers have the option to hire as many candidates as they wish without any additional cost when they get help from Jobisite.

Jobisite offers some unique features to employers. They can get their job openings posted on 15+ job boards. Also, their job postings will be shared in aggregators and search engines. Further, all jobs they post will be available for a minimum of 30 to 60 days from the date of posting. In addition, their jobs will be shared on different social sites.

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