Michael Cohen of Cohen Financial Group
Cohen Financial Group (CFG) is a family-focused, long-term financial strategy and advisory group out of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

By Zoey Thompson

Spartanburg, South Carolina – Cohen Financial Group is a company that is very empathic when it comes to understanding people’s worries and concerns pertaining to financial matters. For most people retirement planning is incredibly stressful. Many individuals and couples feel unprepared for the future.  Most of the conventional retirement planning advice has turned out to be insufficient in meeting the rising cost of living. Additionally, changes to tax laws are complicated for the average person to understand. Therefore, Cohen Financial Group believes it is important to arm clients with knowledge before trying to develop any long-term financial strategy. 

“We have a philosophy of financial enrichment that not only considers our client’s future goals but also addresses where they are now so that they live happier and more financially-secure lives. That’s the goal,” says founder Michael Cohen.  “Helping our neighbors achieve financial independence is our mission. We are members of this community and know that being a good neighbor and servant is very important to the health and happiness of folks in this area, which is why we do a lot of educational outreach and charitable giving.”

Cohen Financial Group believes that their responsibility to do good is not solely isolated to helping their clients grow and maintain wealth, but also to share what they have with others. The company has been working with groups like the Carolina Pregnancy Center, The Encouraging Word, Carpenters for Christ, Point of Life, Campus Crusade for Christ, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Sidewalk Hope, Young Life, and 106.9 The Light of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Their focus is to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of those struggling in the region, the USA, and worldwide.  Cohen’s objective is to create the same type of financial stability and growth for charitable groups as they have for private citizens. 

“We have a goal to help these organizations, as well as other non-profits, raise one billion dollars by twenty-thirty-seven,” says Cohen, “but we’re going to need help along the way from other visionaries with giving hearts and philanthropic desire.”

If you are interested in partnering with CFG to reach their goal, visit their website.

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