Multifaceted Viber BI also known as Bibas Giri continues to rock airwaves with his latest works

Multifaceted Viber BI also known as Bibas Giri continues to rock airwaves with his latest works

Bibas Giri
Talented Nepalese Rapper, Song-writer, Viber BI of GXSOUL, drops new singles that have continued to shake the music industry worldwide

Viber BI, otherwise known as Bibas Giri is one of the founders of the Nepalese hip hop group, GXSOUL, and has continued to use his talent, creativity, and ingenuity to entertain music lovers worldwide. The rapper’s goal of using music as a tool for making a change and passion thought-provoking messages has again been reiterated with the release of two hit singles that have been gaining traction across the internet. The songs are titled ‘Dovan – a POETRY’ and ‘ADHURO PREM,’ featuring LOSMANDU, and are currently available on different digital platforms for music lovers in different parts of the globe. It should also be noted that the music video of both songs were shot in the USA.

The world of entertainment has evolved over the years with the emergence of several creative minds across the globe, contributing their quota to the development of the industry. The music has witnessed tremendous growth, with the hip hop community seemingly spearheading the growth. One artist that is looking to take the rap game and of course, the hip hop community to an unprecedented level is Viber BI and the GXSOUL band, using a unique style to deliver thought-provoking yet entertaining lyrics, which has become their signature over the years.

The group was founded in 2006 by Bibas Giri and Nima Pun, also known as Viber BI / Bibaz Jung Giri and Nimasang. In a relatively short while, the group and Viber BI, in particular, have been able to make a significant impact in the industry, with hits like Raat Vari featuring COD, Satayera with Binayak & Priti, and Yo Timlay Garda Ho featuring James Shrestha, putting him on the pedestal for international recognition.

His most recent works have continued in the same tradition, showing the world the amazing talent of Viber BI. Therefore, it is not surprising that the songs have continued to garner reviews from fans from different parts of the world. His unique approach, which includes showing the rich cultural heritage of Nepal to the world through music has made him the toast of lovers of authenticity and originality.

Bibas Giri won the Kalika Fm Music Award in 2012 and has performed on big stages worldwide, including in Australia, Bhutan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, UAE, and INDIA.

For more information about Viber BI and the works of GXSOUL, please visit – Viber BI is also available on Spotify, Instagram and YouTube.

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