Need to Replace & Repair Locks? Call Locksmith Brooklyn, NY

Locks are important for every door in your home, business, car, and other items, too. Are you protecting yourself and investments the right way? Are your locks damaged and in need of a repair? Call on our Locksmith Brooklyn, NY shop to find out. We have a team of skilled automotive locksmiths to ensure your keys and locks are ready to roll, residential locksmiths to ensure that your home is fully protected, and commercial as well as emergency lock services available when you need them.

Should You Use an Access Control System?

Access control is a type of security feature that restricts access to certain areas of a business to certain groups of people. A special access pass or code is needed to enter these areas and no one else can enter. Businesses use access control systems to help them protect their business, sensitive information, employees, and for a variety of additional issues. Padlocks and other security systems are available from our commercial locksmith if access control is not suitable for your needs but you still want/need added protection at your business. All you need to do is call on the experts at Verity Locksmith – Brooklyn, NY to make any of these additions.

Don’t Replace the Locks, Re-Key Instead

Rekeying services are used by businesses, homeowners, and vehicle owners alike. The service allows the current lock that is installed to be reprogrammed and re-chipped so that only the new keys will work properly. People rekey locks because it is more affordable than replacement. As long as the locks are damage-free, this service is useful and beneficial to those who use it for their needs. Call our Locksmith Brooklyn, NY to learn more about this service. Our residential locksmith team is also around to get you back inside after a lockout, to make new keys, and for many other services.

What is a Transponder Key?

Toyota, Ford, Honda – the model vehicle you drive is not important. If your vehicle is a 1995 model or newer, it contains a transponder chip that uses computer programming to prevent a vehicle from being stolen. A signal from the key is needed for the vehicle to start, thus it prevents cars from being stolen. It is important to maintain this key because it protects the vehicle and may provide discounted car insurance rates as well. A quality locksmith like ours can make a new, programmed transponder key just as easily as a vehicle dealership, but at a fraction of the cost. And, thanks to emergency locksmith services, you’re protected 24/7.

Master Keys & Other Locks Protect Businesses

A master key system is beneficial to every business owner in town. With this system installed, one key opens a multitude of locks of your choosing, preventing the need to carry around many different keys. The original keys still open the locks the same way they always did. Many business owners use these systems because it makes their life easy. Ask our residential Locksmith Brooklyn, NY team about using the key system at your business. Learn more about high security locks while you’re at it.

You Need More Than Residential Door Locks to Stay Protected at Home

To better protect your family and home, consider peephole installation. With a peephole in place, you can see who is at the door and then decide if you want to open it. It’s important to add patio door locks if there are sliding glass doors in your home. Many burglars gain entry through these doors, and it is up to you to go the extra mile for protection. Adding gun locks is imperative to all owners and of course, be sure to add window locks to further prevent entry into the house. These secure locks mean business and won’t budge no matter what!

Local Locksmith Handles Your Lock Needs

If any of the above services are needed, or if you need other locksmithing services, give Verity Locksmith – Brooklyn, NY a call. As a trusted emergency locksmith, service is available any time that you call. We’ll send someone out in our fully loaded van to get your service completed as quickly as possible.

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