Turbo, Foreseeing the Next Thousand-time Coin

TURBO originally refers to the technology used to drive an air compressor by the exhaust gases produced during the operation of an internal combustion engine, so as to increase the power of the engine with no loss of power. Today, TURBO of the block chain is utilized with a view to solving realistic problems such as anonymous e-commerce and encrypted social networking without abandoning centralization.  

Throughout the world, e-commerce has long been dominated by giants like Alibaba, JD.COM, Ebay and Amazon; search engine services have been controlled by Google and Baidu; in the field of instant messaging, the global market shares have been split by the oligarchs including Facebook, Tencent, Line and Whatsapp. As a matter of fact, the oligarchs are no longer content to dig deep into the niches they are best at. Instead, they endeavor to develop the whole business, which is the inevitable development of the Internet. Representing the highest degree of Internet marketization, oligarchs have made indelible contributions to the development of the Internet. However, Internet oligopoly has an extremely bad impact on the development of the Internet in the post-Internet era.


This is due to the abuse of the dominant market position among these oligarchs in the process of industrial development, such as bundling, disclosure of user privacy, refusal-to-deal, and exclusive dealing, among which privacy disclosure is particularly apparent. User data are being collected, processed and bought and sold at an unprecedented level. From user browsing data and E-mail content to credit scores and spending habits, vast amounts of user data are being collected and sold between global giants and players of major government departments. Extending from the Internet oligopoly, the privacy issue has led to an increasing demand for privacy in online communication, payment trading and social e-commence.

In this context, TURBO, emerging at the right moment, shapes the entire Internet, and even the Internet of things, by opening up decentralized protocols for anonymous hybrid networks. It is dedicated to identity security, Internet freedom, data privacy, anonymous social networking, and decentralized finance and trading.

In the course of time, TURBO will build a new decentralized network for anonymous privacy applicable to the post-Internet era. Its unique system of user address generation will set off a technological revolution, removing the concept of IP address, so as to truly realize privacy protection, help to flatten the entire Internet, and create a new decentralized post-Internet free ecosystem.  

In the TURBO network, the turbocharged financial model is the most core mechanism, as well as a new economic model peculiar to TURBO. The essence of the turbocharged financial model is the decentralized organizational structure, which is point-to-point, end-to-end and P2P. The model is algorithm-driven financial system whose friction coefficient is close to zero; it is an integrated system integrating anonymous payment, asset management, trading exchange, privacy e-commerce, cross-chain communication and privacy communication in the underlying system of the block chain; it is a real-time, scenario-based round-the-clock financial system, realizing the seamless connection between the real world and the virtual world and that between the physical world and the digital world.   

TURBO is a decentralized monetary financial balancing mechanism that builds a new turbocharged economic model. In its initial stage, TURBO adopts air drop as its main release approach, and the project is jointly launched by preachers and believers of various identities. And the crowdfunding and dealing will be officially launched in the third round. Each round has a fixed time internal of six days, with a 12% rise per round, that is, a 2% rise per day. Totally, there are 100 rounds, that is, 600 days of issuance and dealing. At the same time, the remaining TURBO in each round will not be retained but be disposed of in accordance with the destruction mechanism. Constant turbocharging in each round and destruction of the remaining currency enable TURBO currency to rise steadily, thereby leading to the advent of the new model of the block chain economy.


The Internet of things is actually a network of devices that communicate with each other without any human interference. The devices themselves create, modify, delete, send and receive data between each other. The Internet of things has broad application prospects, such as in the fields of smart home, transportation and industrial production.

TURBO is an open, decentralized protocol for anonymous hybrid networks based on the block chain technology. With the characteristics such as subject equivalence, openness and transparency, security communication, high difficulty of tempering and multilateral consensus, TURBO will have a significant impact on the Internet of things. With the characteristics of multi-center and weak centralization, TURBO will help to reduce the high operational and maintenance costs of a centralized architecture. With the characteristics of information encryption and security communication, TURBO will contribute to protecting privacy, escorting the Internet of things communication, and making the Internet of things more secure, stable and reliable. Identity management and multilateral consensus are conducive to identifying illegal nodes and timely prevent the access of malicious nodes and avoid malicious activities.

Therefore, in the future, TURBO can be applied to the Internet of things, thereby effectively solving the pain points in the development of the Internet of things and realizing the true advent of the era of free interconnection of everything.


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