Why Electricity is Becoming the Green Energy Option but Safety Fears Remain

As fears continue to grow over the effects of climate change, the electricity sector is also doing its bit to create clean, green energy. With the expected spread of electrical usage into many other applications over the next few decades, it is still vital to be aware of electrical safety and the potential risks. This is where electrical shops and the services of a licensed electrician in Toronto can come in useful.

Electricity is ever-present in people’s homes now but it still carries enormous risks to health – even changing a light bulb has its dangers. Because of this it is important to ensure household and workplace appliances are regularly checked and kept in working order. Only an electrical shop and a licensed electrician can ensure this.

Electricity is becoming an even cleaner source of energy

Away from the destructive effects of mining and burning fossil fuels, the use of electrical power is an alternative source of energy that is kind to the environment. With the bulk of the country’s electricity produced by hydroelectric means, Canada is set up for this environmentally-friendly practice and there are also plans to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on updating ageing infrastructure between now and 2030.

The maintenance of electrical equipment is key to clean, effective electrical power and there are a number of reasons why failures in these areas can go on to cause significant threats to people’s lives. Older properties in particular are often built with fuse panels to control electrical systems, rather than the more effective and safer breaker box. Breaker boxes are the more up to date way of regulating a building’s electrical supply and have been proven in the area of energy efficiency – they also remove the need to repeatedly change fuses, which means the chances of an electrical fire are substantially reduced.

Outdated electrical equipment is dangerous

CSG Electrical is a licensed electrician in Toronto and sees many causes of electrical problems. The company has a well-stocked online electrical shop that provides replacements and upgrades for many of these problem areas.

“We deal with a lot of age-related electrical issues that underlines why homeowners in older properties should invest in a specialist electrical survey to check everything is in order,” says a spokesperson for CSG Electrical. “One particular problem we see is the use of aluminium wiring.

“This type of wiring is not necessarily unsafe but home insurance companies are well known for refusing to provide cover to homes with this kind of wiring. The types of problems encountered with aluminium wiring are obvious things like flickering lights, burning plastic smells from switches, or sparks and smoke coming out of appliances.”

With electrical use only set to rise further due to its environmental benefits, finding a licensed electrician in Toronto is even more important if problematic electrical risks are to be eradicated completely. With strict electricity standards in many parts of the world, taking the time to upgrade failing equipment not only protects people’s safety, it also ensures greater efficiency and potential savings on those expensive bills.

About CSG Electric

CSG Electric is a licensed electrician in Toronto that carries out a range of repairs, upgrades and installations in residential and commercial properties. They can also carry out inspections of commercial buildings to ensure they meet official safety standards. CSG Electric also has an online electrical shop with products including wiring devices, LED lights and smoke alarms.

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