Children book series LunchkinLand Tales will teach kids about healthy eating habits and basic values in a super fun manner

LunchkinLand™ Tales is an exciting new series that combines nutrition, art, and storytelling in a never before done manner. Author SS Ravula, a Physician and a mother of two young children, envisioned this series as an embodiment of delivering the value of nutrition for growing children in small easily digestible packages. In collaboration with illustrator P Narayanan’s colorful and cute drawings, these whimsical tales of family bonding and ethical integrity, while teaching children about healthy eating habits becomes an unstoppable force.

The Lunchkins are cute characters created by the author SS Ravula that are basically, anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables with special powers. In the different books of the series, the Lunchkins embark on magical adventures while discussing the importance of eating fruits and vegetables as well as touching upon often undiscussed topics such as friendship, loneliness, courage, family togetherness and the power of true Love.

The book series published by Kei Kreations presents a brand new concept in Edutainment for children. As of now, the series features four books in order of release titled, Marlu: The Mango Lunchkin, Bolu: the Blueberry Lunchkin, Carlu: The Carrot Lunchkin and Seeri: The Strawberry Lunchkin.

The first book opened to rave critics’ reviews:

“Ravula’s story takes a new approach to traditional children’s storybook. Marlu tackles topics of bullying, mental health, and community all under the cute, whimsical concept of Lunchkinland. The messages throughout the story, although for very young children, are dealt with maturely and responsibly… Overall, this is a lighthearted and positive story that encompasses kindness, community, and uniqueness. Using fruits and vegetables as characters make them both cute and informative. Hopefully, there will be many more Lunchkinland adventures.” – The US Review of Books

A good story, with excellent artwork, offering healthy advice on eating organic, and supporting the love of a family unit – it all comes together in Marlu – The Mango Lunchkin.” – Pacific Book review

It is also extremely impressive that the series maintains the same high standards consistently. Each and every book in the series is an outstanding combination of simple and appealing plot lines, creative use of nutritional reinforcement and state of the art illustrations to keep children engaged while learning.

SS Ravula is now gearing up to launch another series under the LunchkinLand banner titled “Veggie Strips”. This is a modern take on the now forgotten art of comic strips that has been reinvented to present a collection of interesting facts about vegetables, fruits, plants, recipes, animals and nutrition. This book features easy to understand and fun facts like “Did you know that cows don’t like sleeping alone!” and “It is more nutritious to eat cooked carrot than raw carrots!” More exciting and innovative edutainment from LunchkinLand!

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