New Discount Offer Has Been Added By Lolfinity And It Is Available Already For All Customers

New Discount Offer Has Been Added By Lolfinity And It Is Available Already For All Customers
Lolfinity a brand that specializes in selling LOL accounts now offers 15% discount. It is available on the official website and it is reserved for their customers. The details about the discount and more are revealed in the content below.

United States – 18th Dec, 2019 – LOL or League of Legends is the most popular game of all times and it is one that billions of players love. It is also a game which offers a unique ability to make a profit. Each player is welcomed to sell his LOL account. This is actually perfectly legal and you are free to open a new account. Lolfinity specializes in selling LOL accounts across the world at the most affordable prices. Now, they also include a 15% discount on all new purchases.

In order to use the discount in question, all you have to do it so subscribe to their newsletter. You will get the ability to use the discount on your next purchase. This refers to the new users and also regular users of the site. We were ableto get in touch with the owner of the site whowanted to stay anonymous and he said “I know how difficult it can be to purchase an account especially if you are on a tight budget. This is basically the main thing with most gamers, including me at one point in my life. As the result, I included the 15% discount and it is available for all purchases. Enjoy and have fun.” It is definitely a desirable thing to consider and we believe that the company will rise in the clouds any time soon, thanks to the overall LOL popularity and the great discounts.

The discount we have explained isn’t the only one the site offers. All new users will get a 10% discount during their first purchase. This makes the overall process even better and definitely more affordable. Don’t forget to check the steal deals on the homepage. These are basically the best deals available at this very moment and they are usually available for a couple of hours tops.

About the company:

Lolfinity is a company that specializes in selling LOL accounts. They have a massive database of various accounts of all types and with different heroes, characters and levels. A site is a commonplace where LOL players go to “improve” their hero. The site is safe and there are no related complications with the purchase.

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