The Michelangelo Project – Isabel Wu’s Newly Released Book Helps Readers Realize a Fulfilling Career

Melbourne, Australia – Leading expert on work, Isabel Wu has now released her breakthrough new book, The Michelangelo Project: Making It in the Digital Century Workforce. The new book is described as a “transformative manual” for people who want to escape the oblivion of a dead-end job and transition to a career fit for the digital age. It focuses on the importance of personal empowerment and provides readers with effective methods for doing work that not only provides a paycheck but offers emotional satisfaction and its long-term benefits.

Isabel Wu has observed enterprises and studied organizational culture at every level. Throughout her many years as an organization management practitioner, she has been able to get an up-close look at how jobs are created, how they mainly aid the corporate agenda, and how they fail to offer personal growth and development of the employee. Living in the post-industrialist society and a new era of digital business, most of the economy is now comprised of information, technology and services. This is what the current workforce is not being trained for and this is where Isabel Wu believes her literary endeavors can play a significant role in helping people succeed in business and work.

The Michelangelo Project is an awakening of sorts because it exposes readers to the broader reality of the nine-to-five job. Isabel Wu provides practical advice for staying relevant in a digitally transformed world driven largely by connectivity, technology, and data. The book is an amalgamation of insights, tips, and tactics to develop a personal career identity in an increasingly automated workforce. Isabel Wu presents the story of Michelangelo to help her readers become the ‘renaissance man’ of their own professional life and start moving towards ventures that are truly valuable in every aspect.

Isabel Wu is a highly coveted organization management practitioner and author, along with being a trainer and coach who deals with the dynamics of the employee/employer relationship. Her work has enabled her to explore deep truths regarding today’s jobs. She wants to help people see what is behind the hype of the age of automation and realize opportunities where their abilities lie.

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