The 7th China International Music Industry Conference Grand convening

Many talents entered the conference and major projects were released.

In order to carry out the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the symposium, he promoted the music industry to become the backbone of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the era of pluralistic co creation.  From December 13 to 14, 2019, the opening ceremony and Summit Forum of The 7th China International Music Industry Conference was held in Beijing. Yu Cike,Director of Copyright Administration of the Central Propaganda Department、Zheng Junbin, director of Publishing Department of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China、Zhu He, deputy secretary general and office director of China audio visual and Digital Publishing Association.

This conference gathered many music companies, Internet music platforms, video websites, music intelligent hardware manufacturers, telecom operators, mobile Internet enterprises and other relevant music industry chain organizations to discuss the future development and Prospect of China’s music industry through the conference, and jointly create a music industry ecosystem, so as to inject new impetus into the future development of the music industry. There are many highlights at the opening ceremony of the conference. The relevant director of the Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Party committee revealed that Beijing will officially issue the implementation opinions on promoting the prosperity and development of Beijing music industry in the near future. Focusing on the overall goal of the “International Music Capital” and the global center of mmandopop music, Beijing will strive to make breakthroughs in four aspects: original content, scientific and technological innovation, brand festival exhibition and cultural atmosphere will carry out ten key tasks, including planning the layout of the music industry, promoting the construction of demonstration industrial parks, and encouraging excellent original music works, so as to vigorously promote the prosperity and development of the music industry.

The national music industry park, the sponsor of The 7th China International Music Industry Conference, has launched a number of major projects. The first is the recognition of the Chinese music industry awards, which honor the enterprises and individuals who have made great achievements in the field of music. Among them, those who won the “music industry contribution award” were organizations and companies such as China audio and video Collective Management Association, Alibaba, Netease Music, China Unicom Waupaca music, etc,and the artists of “Motherland and Music For You” project took the stage to receive the award on behalf of Wang ziyi. Tang Yueming, the head of the conference, said, “the” China Music Industry Award “of the Organizing Committee of the China International Music Industry Conference added a variety of industry segmentation awards in order to encourage more high-quality music related enterprises with a sense of social responsibility, continue to serve the whole industry with a pragmatic attitude and outstanding creativity, and continue to fuel the prosperity and development of the entire music industry.”


After more than two years of preparation and many meetings with the leaders of the Chinese Musicians Association, the major project of the conference, the Chinese musicians copyright protection and service platform, was officially released to the public. Ye Xiaogang, President of the Chinese Musicians Association, also recorded a VCR to express his full affirmation and support. I’m very glad to participate in the creation of the Chinese musicians copyright protection and service platform.Under the guidance of the national copyright administration, the project was jointly launched by Yu Cike, director of the copyright administration of the publicity department of the CPC central committee; Zheng junbin, director of the publicity department of the Beijing municipal committee of the CPC. Tang yueming, director of the national music industry park; ma jichao, deputy director general of the China audiovisual collective management association; and partners in legal and technical rights protection.

With the development of digital technology, network technology and broadcasting equipment, music creation, production, dissemination and consumption changed a lot, faced with new challenges, especially modern music industry in China is still incomplete, original ability is not strong, music enterprise scale is not big, lack of high-quality talent, the problem such as copyright protection system is not perfect, has restricted the further development of the music industry. Chinese musicians copyright protection and the establishment of the service platform, the overall planning of the Chinese music industry big data infrastructure construction, promote the national music data statistics, music copyright trading and service platform construction, better services in China’s vast music practitioners, industry development to form high level and high quality, high benefit of comprehensive service system. Strengthen the music works, especially the copyright protection of digital music works, with the help of the National Copyright Administration sword net action to crack down on unauthorized dissemination works of music piracy behavior, support the right holder and the user in copyright cooperation, promote mutual authorization and widely spread music works, promote the establishment of good network music copyright order and operation of ecological, gradually realize the original function of digital music, safeguard the rights and interests of the Chinese music creators.

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China and the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to the motherland, The national music industry park and Macao Music Industry Association jointly created the first single《Lián chéng yī jiā》of the new album “music for you”.

The song gathered Yang Mi, Ren Jialun, Yu Wen, Li zhiting, Yan Yikuan, Sheng Yilun, Huang Shengyi, Feier Orchestra, Chen Xiang, Li Sheng, Li Jia Hang, Hu Xia, Zhang MingEn, Zhang Yunlong, Zhou Mi, Qin Fen, Zhang He, Feng Jianyu, Wang Bowen, Hu Bingqing, Zhou Xuan, Xu Haiqiao, Jiang Yingrong, Jiang Mengjie, Xu Zhengxi, Jing Chao, Liu Xin, Yu Xiaotong, Yuan Bingyan and other stars sang (ranking in no particular order). As a music exchange bridge between Macao and the mainland, the two sides will also build a communication platform between Macao and the mainland to promote the prosperity and development of Macao’s music industry.

Finally, the conference also released the theme music collection “youth China” co-created by the national music industry base and China youth new media association in 2020. The album will be through the perspective of youth to music, show the new era of Chinese youth, the progress of contemporary youth carries forward the patriotic spirit of the may fourth, called for a new generation of modern youth singer actress deduce new work, practice “struggle of the youth is the most happiness,” “power generation” value idea, the copyright administration department of the CPC Yu CiKe, China audio-visual and digital publishing association, deputy secretary general and director of the office of Zhu He guests and other leaders also came to power to pose for witness the moment.

There will also be a summit dialogue on the future development and outlook of China’s music industry, as well as the first China music club development forum and KTV industry upgrading and transformation forum. Music copyright management and creation; Live concerts, music festivals and Livehouse; Opportunities and challenges of cultural and creative industry investment; Music rights management and rights protection, global digital music distribution and other topics. The various forums of the conference are splendid, gathering new industry synergy, actively exploring and practicing music as the main line, and developing cooperation in multiple dimensions and different fields as the auxiliary line, jointly creating a diversified grand scene of the conference.

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