Robotics & Automation News Introduces 2020 Co-Hosting Sponsorship Opportunity

Robotics & Automation News Introduces 2020 Co-Hosting Sponsorship Opportunity

Co-hosts for a video podcast by Robotics & Automation News are sought.  Reciting slides from a PowerPoint presentation is boring. It quickly loses attention and interest among viewers who stop watching. Instead an authentic and sincere conversation among thought leaders with the editor of Robotics & Automation News creates a watchable, newsworthy, and salient discussion about trends, pain points, and value propositions in new technologies and solutions. It moves away from a purely product centric conversation and toward topics and best practices in the traditions of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints. 

Of equal importance, the show will be heavily cross promoted in both PR and social media. This will ensure that those who may not know about the show initially can go back and view the podcast at a later time. The show will be monitored for viewership and demonstrable metrics for growing the audience. 

For more information contact Robotics & Automation News.

About Robotics & Automation News: 

Robotics & Automation News, established in 2015, is one of the most widely read industrial publications globally. In addition to the publication, webinars, and strong YouTube channel viewership, regular video podcasts interviewing industry leaders has become a mainstay. The publication aims to summarize the most interesting developments in the two sectors of robotics and automation, often directly linked. 

Recently the YouTube viewership of an interview is frequently above 5000, one of the highest in the industrial media arena. Robotics and Automation leaders often are constrained by time and rather than writing extensive feature articles rely on PR firms to issue press releases about products and people in the news. This is fine but a more informative and in-depth conversation is needed. 

For 2020, Robotics & Automation News is focusing on regular guest contributors where a series of topics can be addressed throughout the year. This thought leadership content will be available for sponsors to share with current and prospective customers.  It will allow them to interact with C-level experts and share best-in-class lean solutions.

To accomplish this more comprehensive media outreach effort, Abdul Montaqim, Robotics & Automation News editor recently entered into a formal strategic alliance with Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, founder of the 7000-member Manufacturing Media Consortium and is also the CEO of TR Cutler, Inc. This partnership will ensure that the webinars, video podcasts, YouTube coverage, and corresponding feature articles are fully maximized. All media content creation will be aggressive cross-promoted in both PR and social media.

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