Kennedy Cee Is Proof That Anyone Can Enroll High-Ticket Clients on the First Call

Kennedy Cee Is Proof That Anyone Can Enroll High-Ticket Clients on the First Call

Kennedy Cee and ClientsValley – High Ticket Sales
If you’re tired of failing at phone sales and attracting high paying clients, you want to drop everything you’re doing and read this now.

Landing high-ticket clients on the first call is very possible!

In fact, Kennedy Cee and his team at ClientsValley enroll at least 20% of all the people they talk to on the first call. Best part, most of them just found out about him and his team. And, they close these clients at premium prices.


Very simple! Potential clients go through a qualification process to see if they are a fit. And, before going through the qualification process, they are pre-framed.

What is pre-framing?

It’s getting people into the right buying mindset even before the salesperson talks to them. And, they do this through the provision of immense value, even before they meet with the potential client.

By the way,

Who is Kennedy Cee?

Kennedy Cee is a Master Business Coach and the founder of ClientsValley. He makes it effortless and exciting for coaches, consultants and service professionals to get new clients at premium prices whenever they want. ​​​​He helps coaches, consultants, experts, thought-leaders and service providers all over the world grow their service businesses and attract all the premium clients they need.

Last I checked, he’s been doing this for nearly a decade. So, he’s not one of those new kids on the block trying to make a quick buck.

Creating dynamic marketing systems and high converting sales funnels are some of his superpowers.

He teaches how to enroll high-ticket clients by eliminating the problems that come with high-ticket selling.

What are these problems?

  • Making sales calls the wrong way

From him, I learned that the biggest challenge is that most salespeople use the old method of selling. A situation where salespersons approach sales call from the point of just trying to get money from potential clients. The arm twisting and high-pressure method.

Approaching a sales call with such negative mindset projects a salesy persona. And, this makes the potential client build a defense. So, as you try to present your offer, potential clients are already putting up objections. They already assume that you’re just after their money.

Most salespeople also approach sales from an egotistic angle. They go in talking about their accomplishments, and how huge their companies are. How they have 50 billion clients and how they could show you a screenshot of their monthly revenue.

Is that supposed to impress anyone?

You’re simply talking about yourself and that amounts to talking too much! You can go write a book already instead of trying to enroll clients.

The call is about the client, so listen. Listen more than you talk, and revert back to the client to show that you’re listening. The client will understand that you truly care. And, you’re not just thinking about how to wow the client and close the sale. In the end, if you have what it takes to help them, they believe you.

The purpose of the call is to troubleshoot the client’s problems and provide a working solution.

“Kennedy calls their calls a clarity session. On these calls, he and his team have a goal to hear potential clients out and provide a tailored solution to their problem or challenges. They help clients gain clarity and insight, and even if they end up not being a fit, they leave feeling better.”

  • Getting terrible results

Bad sales habits have ripple effects on both the potential client and the salesperson.

Potential clients leave the call depressed. They go on with their lives, carrying that problem with them. And, this causes them to harm in the long run.

Say, for instance, you couldn’t sign up an obese person whom you know your program can help get a transformational outcome. This person may end up losing their life, causing pain to their loved ones. This could be averted if you had successfully enrolled that client.

When the sales is bad, it leaves a negative impression in the mind of the prospective client. Such that they’ll find it hard getting on another phone call with a potential help. To them, its “same old, same old”. They feel other service providers just want to sell them instead of trying to help them. So they don’t bother getting a solution to their problems anymore.

Putting the salesperson in perspective, failed sales calls make them lose confidence. If you don’t have people enrolling into your program or services, it plummets your confidence levels. You could start believing that you’re not good enough in sales.

Not so. You have all it takes. You’re simply using the wrong strategy.

Been there, done that!

And, I came to the realization that there’s a better and more effective strategy that I applied that worked like magic. I choose to call it the “Kennedy Cee formula”.

The Kennedy Cee formula

It centers on the mindset. An issue of mind over matter.

Whatever you do in your business, make it revolve around the client. It’s about helping them achieve transformational results.

Always approach sales from a win-win situation. A place where you want to help your prospective clients achieve their goals.

You must have a mindset of service, because if you want to sell people, and your only intent is to get them signed up as clients — prospective clients will know. Clients can sense this from afar, and it becomes repulsive to them.

The Kennedy Cee formula of enrolling premium clients on the first call is all about the clients.

If you want to get the details of how his method works, and begin enrolling premium clients on the first call, click here to watch his free workshop.

On the workshop, you’ll learn the super simple 3-step process he uses to enroll premium clients in 24 to 72 hours.

Watch the training here now

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