SharpLight Uses Revolutionary Medical Aesthetic Technology to Provide a Range of Services

Medical aesthetics are cosmetic treatments designed to improve one’s appearance as they treat a range of conditions, such as acne, wrinkles, cellulite, unwanted hair, moles, excess fat, skin discoloration, and the typical signs of aging. Those looking to achieve a more youthful, healthier look tend to appreciate medical aesthetics as they’re a quick, efficient way to achieve desirable results. SharpLight, a med-aesthetic technology developer, designs non-invasive light and laser-based systems to be used for a range of treatment applications. They supply their technology to medical aesthetic and cosmetic businesses all across the country.

In addition to supplying their technology, they offer assistance with implementation, marketing, and ongoing support to ensure a successful adoption of their medical aesthetic technology.  As a med-aesthetic technology developer founded in 2004, SharpLight has a wealth of experience with a rich and diverse history in the industry. They started in the clinical corporate environment, and eventually, founded the manufacturing company to provide innovative medical aesthetic technology. They employ a team of internationally recognized R&D engineers, marketing professionals, and other highly qualified professionals.

A range of treatments and technologies

SharpLight offers an entire line of products – encompassing a range of technologies that are non-invasive, laser and light-based for safe and effective treatments. Their range of technologies includes Dynamic Pulse Control, VermaDerm, Radio-Frequency, and Lasers. Each of these technologies is multi-purpose – allowing businesses to leverage them for various treatments. For instance, Dynamic Pulse Control is a unique technology that offers three main pulse configurations: smooth pulse, high pulse, and long pulse. Practitioners are able to use Dynamic Pulse Control to obtain optimal results with skin rejuvenation, hair reduction, the treatment of pigmented lesions, and much more.

Radio-Frequency, on the other hand, delivers heat to the tissue based on the tissue’s properties – making it a more safe, clinically proven way to contour the body, reduce cellulite, rejuvenate the skin, and more. SharpLight’s Radio-Frequency platform ensures that energy is equally distributed between three sets of bi-polar centers. Essentially, this means a higher cumulative heat is delivered into the dermis layer while less direct heat reaches the epidermis – making it more comfortable for patients receiving treatment of any sort.

A forward thinking team of experts

SharpLight develops their advanced systems in the world’s hub for laser and light-based technology manufacturing: Israel. They’re committed to ensuring the safest, most effective technologies available – staying ahead of developing advancements to help medical aesthetic and cosmetic businesses better serve their clients. Their head office, however, is located in Toronto, ON. This provides clients with direct access to a technical team who can assist with training, marketing, and other important elements to successfully implement, learn, use, and market their technologies.

About SharpLight

SharpLight’s roots go back to 2004, when they were founded to manufacturer and provide innovative medical aesthetic technology. They employ a team of internationally recognized R&D engineers, marketing professionals, and various other experts to help them provide comprehensive cosmetic technology and business solutions.

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