Law of Entropy Production At The Internet Age: Changes On The Horizon

The Law of Entropy Production is the most desperate law in the course of human development, and any material thing will develop into silence at the end in accordance with this Law.

According to the constant studies made by world-famous institutions, colleges and scholars on the Law of Entropy Production, it was found that entropy is an isolated system, and the isolated system tends to procreate entropy continuously and finally reaches the most chaotic and disordered state of entropy. This Law deeply affects all the walks of life. However, an open system can release energy through the system’s organic cycle to resist the entropy production produced by heat exchange, and as a result, it may tend to decrease entropy and can possibly reach an ordered state.

Modern scientists also used information to show how orderly the system can become. Information, a basic concept in communication theory, is important for elimination of signal uncertainty in communication. Later, this concept was extended to the general system and the amount of information was regarded as a measurement unit for system stability or organizational order. If a system has a definite structure, it means that it already contains certain information. This kind of information, called structural information, can be used to represent the ordering of the system. The larger the structure amount of information is, the more ordered the system will be. Therefore, the amount of information means negentropy or entropy decreasing.

American Entropy Change Laboratory, jointly founded by more than a dozen physicists, mathematicians, economists, biologists and statisticians, focuses on the study of the world’s top entropy law and aims to make the world’s finite life force infinite. After 6 years of experiments, the Laboratory explored the Law of Entropy Production and created the theory of entropy change. The theory put forward that the system will not die out for 100 years. As long as the entropy production occurs, there will be infinite entropy decreasing for offset, so as to maintain the stability of the system and finally achieve ecological balance.

Singapore Global Entropy Application Promotion Foundation, guided by the Law of Entropy Production and the theory of entropy change, propagates the culture of entropy value, promotes the civilization of entropy value, and publicizes the application of entropy value; after 2 years of exploration and design, the Foundation combines Blockchain with Entropy perfectly, and has pioneered the Entropy Value (ETV Entropy Change Value Platform) in the world.

ETV platform, an organic ecosystem full of vitality, is composed of entropy change theory, entropy change system, entropy change incentive and entropy number asset. By using entropy change theory, ETV platform facilitates the implementation of blockchain technology. All users in the world can create their own asset allocation contract. It takes precedence in the financial investment field and quietly changes the way people allocate assets. By redefining transaction cost theory and market mechanism failure theory, it is beneficial for the whole system to implement stable asset value regulation.

Revere entropy weight! Explore the unknown! Welcome the entropy change!

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