YoyiC Dairy Announces the Introduction of Its Yogurt Brand to Indonesia

YoyiC Dairy Announces the Introduction of Its Yogurt Brand to Indonesia

Bekasi, Indonesia – YoyiC are proud to announce three different yogurt-based products to Indonesia. The yogurt, available at https://yoyic.id, is infused with live probiotics from Denmark and will help for better digestion. The company’s introduction to Indonesia accompanies its success in other cities around Asia such as Macau, Singapore, and Hong-Kong, which have all sourced the brand as a favorite.

The brand has released three different yogurt products to the Indonesian market: fermented milk, the yogurt drink, and the premium dessert yogurt. The products come in a range of different flavors, from original to strawberry, mango, and lychee. The dessert yogurt indulges in more luxurious flavors, caramel apple and blueberry vanilla.

Observing how best to ensure taste and nutrition can be packed together, YoyiC claim that they specialize in quality ingredients that enhance both smooth digestion and product flavor. The company has used the latest research and development technology to naturally source its products and provide optimal digestion benefits. New Zealand dairy and quality fruit ingredients are used within the yogurt’s base. The company promises authentic fruit flavors with all the probiotics and live bacteria needed to maintain a better digestion. The probiotic in question is imported from Denmark, known as active C. Their products, generally, provide an overall better alternative to juice or carbonated drinks, and they hope to pass on these benefits to Indonesian consumers.

YoyiC pride themselves on their natural and quality products. In addition, the company are proud to say they provide optimal packaging. The bottles and containers are single-serve (one per person), specially developed to be transported and carried around for convenience. Each piece of packaging is unique to the product: the fermented drink comes with a resealable cap; the yogurt drink, with a straw for convenient, on-the-go refreshment; and the dessert yogurt with a spoon for immediate and assisted convenience.

Overall, the company anticipates that Indonesia receives the product with open arms.  From the range of products, to the convenience of the packaging to the quality product, YoyiC are confident in their yogurt-based products. For additional information, interested consumers are invited to contact the company via their website, telephone or email.

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