Perko Worldwide Will Be Soon Launching a Prototype for the Fastest Ship in the World

Perko Worldwide is currently looking for a Chief Financial Officer, CPA, with SEC filing experience as well as an Attorney to work with their Pre-IPO Company. Each one of these professionals must be able to invest the estimated amount of $250,000 to secure a position in the company.

Once these professionals and the desired investment amount is available, the company will complete its IPO within 60 to 90 days. It’s important to mention that the company has patented its designs for the prototype of the fastest ship in the world, and this Patented Intellectual Property has been valued at $40.91 million dollars.

The company is planning to build 500 foot Prototype Ship at Seattle, WA with the estimated speed capability of 350 MPH. After its sea trial on Puget Sound it will run Non-Stop via Panama Canal to New York City.

All traditional ships have required more than two weeks to complete this distance; however, Perko Worldwide claims their fastest ship will be able to cover this distance within 24 hours.

National press will be invited at the beginning of this journey and some members will also meet the teams in New York after the journey. Few selected members will be invited to join the record-making trip from Puget Sound, Seattle, WA to New York that will be completed within 24 hours. To accomplish this Record Shatter accomplishment refueling underway will be aircraft to our 350 MPH Ship.

They are planning to use Bell-Boeing Osprey Aircraft for Short Refuelling Flights; however, gravity-assisted high-speed pumps will be used for underway refueling. The company is making efforts to build IPO for ship development and soon they will be expanding their scope on a global level.

About Perko Worldwide Corporation:

Perko Worldwide Corporation is working to create the most revolutionary development in 100 Years, to the six trillion dollar international shipping industry. Due to this extraordinary ship speed, air travel over oceans will also be effected, along with express parcels. This represents a very rare opportunity to invest in a ground-breaking technological advancement that has the ability to truly change the way business moves freight around the world.

In order to know more about this company and its revolutionary ideas; we asked a few questions from the professionals associated with it.

Q. What motivated you to create a revolutionary ship that can promise the fastest movements over the sea?

A. When working in Logisic for the U.S. Marine Corp, repair parts needed for non-work vehicles, would be low priority freight, loaded into a containers, that would take a month to arrive to me when in theatre defense of Saudi Arabia. I decided then faster ships where needed in our world.

Q. How much time will your Company IPO require to develop international shipping operations?

A. We need only 90 days to complete our IPO. After our IPO final shippbuiling engineering and initial shippingbuilding can overlap. Final Build Time is 18 Months, Sea Trials on Puget Sound and Preparations for our Record Shatter Ship Speed Run, to New York, two weeks to a month. Arrival from Seattle WA, Puget Sound, to New York; One Day. Start Shipping Operation two days later, running two round trips daily from New York to Domincan Repbulic. With the strength of our IPO, we will build a smaller ship to run twice daily from Domican Repbulic, to Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. Another 500 foot ships will run once daily from New York to Norway. Norway now as 35% of all Western Eruopean exports to the Caribbean. We will cause Norway to increase their percenatage market share.

Q. Which technologies you are using to make this ship much more powerful than the existing solutions available worldwide.

A. Our power is not the reason for our Incredible Speed, we have a Patent Bouyance System, which keeps our ship at or very near the surface of the water, even when fully loaded. Additionally, we have combined ship Lift Systems, which decreases the incredible pressure which the bottom of our Patented Ship Design reliezes against the surface of the water. Finally, we have designed and Patened a Revolutionary Propulsion System which is 75% more efficient than the very large propellers placed under current massive cargo ships. These three Revolutionary Systems working together, allow our Ships to require far less power than what normally would be required to make ship speed of 300 to 350 MPH. Which prior to our Patented developments, was not possible.

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Phone: (754) 245-7260
Address:2650 SW 18th Street
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