Official Opening of the Source of Public Chain AC to Facilitate the High-speed Circulation of Global Asset

On December 12, the Apifiny Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as ADF) officially announced to open the source of Apifiny chain (hereinafter referred to as AC public chain) code. AC public chain is a high-performance trading public chain developed by ADF core development team based on blockchain technology and token carrier, focusing on tokenization and token circulation.


“Open source is the premise of R & D and improvement of the public chain. We hope that more top developers in the world who share the same aspiration can join the community of common governance of AC core developers, and jointly develop a public chain with security, specification, freedom, efficiency, transparency, expandability and other performance, so as to provide individuals and institutions with reliable asset circulation infrastructure, so that all kinds of assets and warrants could be freely generated, transferred, notarized and confirmed in the public chain in the form of tokens,” said the head of ADF.

It is reported that AC public chain is striving to build a globally seamless and community-autonomous encrypted asset circulation network, expand the boundary of asset transaction to the global network, and realize global free circulation and efficient allocation of assets. In terms of technology, based on the underlying technology of blockchain, AC public chain adopts DPoS+aBFT consensus algorithm to improve transaction speed; it fully uses technologies such as fragmentation, cross chain and side chain to provide nodes with high-performance solutions to accelerate asset circulation, so as to achieve multi million level transaction throughput, cross chain interaction, cross chain transaction and cross chain asset mapping, to solve the isolated technical limitations between main chains.

In terms of the landing of scenarios, AC public chain has been the first to test the landing of PremiumBrand field, and has made AJ, Supreme and other limited PremiumBrands available for tokenization, breaking the time and space restrictions, so that people all over the world can buy and afford PremiumBrand anytime, anywhere, accelerating the global circulation of PremiumBrand assets. All transaction information of PremiumBrand token is open, transparent and traceable on the chain.

In addition to PremiumBrand token, AC public chain also provides highly efficient and low-cost tokenized infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises to help them generate management and issue tokens; it provides infrastructure for stock depository token and Fx tokenization for international well-known enterprises that have issued stocks; for individual consumers and merchants, it can provide the user interface for encrypted currency circulation and underlying settlement capability for payment scenarios of retail consumption.

According to the Gartner, a market research institution, the global business scale of blockchain is about to reach 100 billion dollars in 2020. Therefore, the AC public chain will greatly advance the landing of blockchain technology and market innovation.

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