TURBO was released globally at 12:18 Tokyo time on December 18th

As the first decentration anonymous social e-commerce system and private network in the world, TURBO was released globally at 12:18 Tokyo time on December 18th.

TURBO is a financial system with turbocharging model as its core and is combined with PoW and PoSe. It serves as a unique approach to provide economic incentives for operation of complete nodes. TURBO takes the traditional Email system as the reference and combines it with blockchain technology so as to design its network architecture. By doing this, it tactfully replaces the important IP address of the classical internet with the blockchain address generated by asymmetric encryption.

In the network of TURBO, there is no IP address, and the so-called IP address is substituted with the blockchain address developed by asymmetric encryption. With the use of stimulated nodes, TURBO creates the second layer of its private routing on the basis of the network architecture of the blockchain in the first layer. It is a brand new financial balancing mechanism for decentralized currency, and constructs a new economic model for turbocharging, creating the underlying blockchain system for the decentration anonymous social e-commerce inter-blockchain.

In the TURBO network, the turbocharged financial model is the most core mechanism, as well as a new economic model peculiar to TURBO. The essence of the turbocharged financial model is the decentralized organizational structure, which is point-to-point, end-to-end and P2P. The model is algorithm-driven financial system whose friction coefficient is close to zero; it is an integrated system integrating anonymous payment, asset management, trading exchange, privacy e-commerce, cross-chain communication and privacy communication in the underlying system of the block chain; it is a real-time, scenario-based round-the-clock financial system, realizing the seamless connection between the real world and the virtual world and that between the physical world and the digital world.   

TURBO is a decentralized monetary financial balancing mechanism that builds a new turbocharged economic model. In its initial stage, TURBO adopts air drop as its main release approach, and the project is jointly launched by preachers and believers of various identities. And the crowdfunding and dealing will be officially launched in the third round. Each round has a fixed time internal of six days, with a 12% rise per round, that is, a 2% rise per day.

In total there are 100 rounds, that is, 600 days of issuance and dealing. At the same time, the remaining TURBO in each round will not be retained but be disposed of in accordance with the destruction mechanism. Constant turbocharging in each round and destruction of the remaining currency enable TURBO currency to rise steadily, thereby leading to the advent of the new model of the block chain economy.

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