The dark horse exchange in the cryptocurrency of 2019, TOP.Q

The BTC fell below 7000 in the early morning of the 17th, slipping down to 6890, and stable sideways near 6800-6900. It failed to hold the support level of 6880 at 9:30pm, fell to 6741, then recovered a bit and fell again to 6598.

In terms of mainstream currencies, ETH, EOS, and LTC have successively declined, falling below their recent lows. The long-short game gives the air force the advantage, but it is expected that short-term fluctuations in BTC will affect a series of mainstream currencies to rise slightly.

Recently, TOP.Q, which is advancing by leaps and bounds, has attracted the attention of practitioners in the blockchain industry.

About TOP.Q was established in January 2018, registered and headquartered in Singapore. It has set up operation centers in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and other countries and regions, providing stable and secure digital asset trading services to users in 60 countries around the world every day.

There are over 2 million registered users. Daily active users are around 50K. And daily newly registered users are over 8K. Daily transaction volume exceeds 500M dollars. TOP.Q has precise users globally from blockchain industry. Community language covers Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indian, African and Indian etc.

TOP.Q advantages

  1. TOP.Q adopts advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed storage, multi-machine mutual high-speed memory transaction engine, cold wallets, and hot wallets with offline private keys to ensure user asset security in real time.
  2. Provides spot trading, as well as the upcoming fiat trading, margin and contract trading.
  3. Covers all trading terminals: PC, Android and iOS, giving users an excellent trading experience.
  4. Users can deposit and withdraw tokens at any time (7 * 24 hours), quickly and timely.
  5. 24*7-hour customer service support, transaction response in seconds, help you deal with order problems in a timely manner.

TOP.Q value-added services

As an international trading platform based on the global market, TOP.Q associated with South Korea, Japan, Malta, Dubai, the United States, Russia, India and other countries and regions, reached a strategic cooperation with over 1000 medias and 100 KOLs from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter in blockchain and cryptocurrency field. All listing project parties can enjoy global media promotion alliance service.

TOP.Q vision

TOP.Q is committed to building a global ecological block chain digital asset trading service platform based on the concept of efficient service, so as to explore more investment value and investment direction for the majority of digital asset users. TOP.Q aims to become the leader in digital asset trading.

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