According to the latest data from Coingecko, BW has ranked fourth in the world’s most trusted exchanges

In traditional markets, heavy trading equates to high liquidity. However, in the digital asset market, due to the existence of many unregulated exchanges, there is a large amount of brushing and other illegal practices to artificially increase trading volume. So, a lot of trading doesn’t necessarily equate to a lot of liquidity!

Recently, is ranked 4th on Coingecko and has a 10-point Trust Score. Coingecko is a world-renowned market website. It has a very comprehensive evaluation of the exchange. According to the new “Trust Score” rating algorithm, it analyzes from various angles such as liquidity, transaction volume, API, network access, and global Alexa ranking to carry on the dimensional analysis and ranking to exchanges. BW ranked among the most trusted exchanges in the country with a perfect score.

About Coingecko

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency data analysis and research platform that tracks community growth, open source development, major events, and on-chain metrics in addition to price, volume, and market capitalization. To combat fake trading data, Coingecko launched a new rating algorithm called Trust Score on its website, which became available on its website on May 13, 2019.

In short, the trust score is a hybrid formula that considers exchanges’ reported trading volume, web traffic, and order book depth. The key point is to standardize transaction volume by volume + order book analysis (buy/sell spread and ± 2% depth cost). Coingecko’s “trust score” algorithm aims to curb abusive trading volumes and give users a clearer picture of the actual liquidity of exchanges.

About BW

As the world first digital asset exchange based on mining pool, BW is currently ranked top 3 in Korea, top 10 in CMC globally, and top 1 in Indonesia. There are over 1.5 million registered users in BW. Daily active users are around 60K. And daily newly registered users are over 6K. Daily transaction volume exceeds 600M USD. As an international trading platform based on the global market, its community languages cover Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa, turkey, Malaysia, Spain, and India etc.

BW associated with 3,000 vertical industry medias, providing a wide range of publicity channels to accurately target digital currency users worldwide, like South Korea, Japan, Malta, Dubai, the United States, Russia, India and other countries and regions, and with 100 KOLs from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter in blockchain and digital currency field reached a strategic cooperation.

BW launched the world 1st margin trading without interest

As the derivative of leveraged financial investment, interest is the recognized income source of trading platform. This time, BW margin trading product is the first in the world to break out of the confines of existing financial products as an interest-free product. Currently it supports BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, EOS, XRP and other mainstream currencies.

Recent BW margin events:

BW is holding two major events now, which should not be missed –

1. Participate in the BW official margin trading, you can sign in to receive BTC (able to withdraw and trade)

2. Participate in the BW beta margin trading, and if the rate of return is not less than 10%, you can receive 10 USDT trial bonus.

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