The Book That Raises Self-Esteem: 12 Steps to Overcoming Your Negative Thoughts By Adri Bautista

10-10-10 Publishing is pleased to announce the release of The Book That Raises Self-Esteem: 12 Steps to Overcoming Your Negative Thoughts by Adri Bautista. Loral Langemeier, the star of The Secret and who’s well known as The Millionaire Maker, has said “Adri has written something unique … It’s a treatise on how to replace negativity in your life through 12 steps that most people would never think of. Follow her advice and you’ll notice all sorts of positive changes, as well as some real clarity with respect to where you want to go in life and how you’re going to get there.”

Adri is a true rags-to-riches story. She studied Accounting, has a Masters Degree in Tax Law and is working on her PhD in Mexico.Now she runs an international tax preparation business (in Mexico and in the United States).

The author has come up with 12 unique steps to erase negativity from your life and raise your self-esteem. When she talks about using the universe as a mirror, pay attention. When she touches on faith, be as brave as she was when she decided to include that step in her book. As she says, “Often to succeed we have to have faith in things that we can’t apply reason or logic to. People have faith in things they can’t see or understand. They may have faith in people, themselves or God.”

Taking on such topics as love, self-esteem, giving, respect and discipline, Adri provides us with some grassroots tools that can make all the difference in our lives. As mentioned, this is a different book — it will teach you the importance of living in the moment, assigning useful meaning to your experiences and to do it all with love and compassion for yourself first and others second. Because we cannot love our neighbour if we do not love ourselves.

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