Stem Cell Therapy is a Must Try Method for Permanent Relief from Pain, Says Integrated Medical Center of Corona

Corona, CA – December 19, 2019 – Chronic pain can be debilitating, and it drastically reduces the quality of life. Until recently, patients had to go through the dread of operations, surgeries, pain killers and downtime, but no longer. At the Integrated Medical Center of Corona, stem cell therapy today allows doing away with the very source of pain in an office setting, without having to go under the knife.

It could be called ‘soup therapy’ for muscles, joints and tendons. The ‘soup’ here comprises a powerful and healing concoction of stem cells, ozone, and plasma rich platelets, which is directly injected into the affected region. These ingredients replace the pain causing cells and naturally replace them with healthy, regenerated, identical cells.

Many of the patients at the Integrated Medical Center of Corona vouch for the efficacy and ease with which they got rid of chronic painful conditions in the neck, joints, hips or shoulders. With no risky surgery or harmful drugs involved, a non-invasive, quick procedure in an office setting is all it took to bring back the old lifestyle!

For years, patients have been forced to fly to other countries around the world to experience the healing miracle of Regenerative Medicine. Now it is available right here in your local community, with complete professionalism. We treat our patients as family. It is that simple,” says Dr. Anthony Pirritano, owner of IMCC.

With regenerative therapy, chronic pain can be quickly and completely eliminated. A single visit brings about great relief. There is no downtime in bed or use of crutches or slings. Stem cell therapy allows patients to live a completely pain free life.

The Clinic is led by Dr. Anthony Pirritano, who has been practicing for over 20 years helping patients live a pain-free life with proven cellular therapies. With the most advanced techniques and high levels of service, the Clinic offers a serene and relaxing ambience to receive the most advanced pain relieving therapies.

Integrated Medical Center of Corona offers everyone a free consultation on how stem cell and regenerative therapy can help get rid of painful conditions.


Integrated Medical is a full-service, comprehensive wellness center dedicated to specialized, non-invasive, and rehabilitative medicine. Passionate about excellence in patient care, Integrated Medical Center provides traditional and holistic treatment for a wide variety of ailments, including most musculoskeletal injuries (whiplash, neck, low back pain, headaches, knee pain, pain/numbness in the arms or legs, etc.), weight gain, hormonal issues (low testosterone), pain management, and many other conditions.

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