HLQ Induction Equipment Co. Offers Top High Efficiency and Energy Saving Induction Heating Machine at a Competitive Price

HLQ Induction Equipment Co. Offers Top High Efficiency and Energy Saving Induction Heating Machine at a Competitive Price

Induction heating machines require a certain level of attention and detail. Most manufacturing companies lack this imperative quality. As a result, either their machines are inefficient when it comes to energy conservation, or simply cost too much.

However, HLQ Induction Equipment Co., LTD. has managed to surprise many with their new line of highly efficient induction heating systems. These systems are designed with energy conservation in mind. Each induction heating machine is crafted with this goal and thus, the end result is a level of efficiency and energy-saving that is unheard of.

Among their rising products is their handheld induction brazing heater. This is used for the brazing of copper cable connectors, copper joints in the air conditioner and so on. Being handheld makes it portable and easy to carry. Their experience and knowledge of such machines have allowed them to produce many tops of the line products. This includes their induction billet heater for hot forming, as well as their induction aluminum melting furnace. Each machine adequately performs the task that it is designed to do while offering stunning energy savings. For this reason, their equipment continues to rise in the market as one of the premier available choices.

HLQ Induction Equipment Co., LTD is pleased with the results of their energy-efficient line-up. They plan on producing more high-quality machines like their Full Automatic Induction Forging Rod Furnace. Conservation has always remained one of the primary goals as manufacturers of such equipment. And this is something that they’ve always shown through their work. They continue to strive as one of the premier providers of affordable, efficient, energy-saving induction heating machines in the market.

About HLQ Induction Equipment Co., LTD:

HLQ INDUCTION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD specializes in Induction Heating machines manufacturing and marketing for more than 15 years. The machines cover Automatic Surface Hardening & Tempering Machines, Air Cooled Induction Heating Machines, Flexible Brazing Systems, and Auto Induction Forging Furnace. Additionally, their machines also excel at a complete induction hardening system, Aluminum and Copper Melting Furnaces, Compact Adhesive Curing Systems Efficient Tube Welders & Thermal Straightening Systems.

They are wildly used in heat treatment, bonding, brazing, welding, forging, melting, preheating and heat fitting solutions. Their range of transistor converters is from 500Hz to 2.0MKHz frequency & IGBT power sizes from 5 to 300 KW (KGPS 100kw^2000kw).

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