Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking for the Holidays: Keeping the Family Legacy Alive

Michelle Marts-Shannon, a woman with a passion to assist young ladies in their journey of learning and discovery has created a cooking guide for the young ladies. The guide features all of the basics from easy to follow recipes to learning about table manners that are expected from them.

A cooking guide can be a great way to give a young lady a taste of ownership in the kitchen. And for parents who may not naturally involve their young ladies in the kitchen, or who don’t spend much time there themselves, handing your girl child a cooking guide of her very own can provide a nudge in that direction. This cooking guide is unique in such a way that it contains information that grandmothers and mothers often teach little girls in the kitchen and every day in life while preparing them to become the perfect young lady.

According to Shannon “In this very informative guide on cooking, manners, family traditions, and creating your legacy you will learn how cooking a great meal with love can bring together family and friends. In the past, our ancestors cooked their meals. Cooking brought together family and made everyone happy and healthier. This handy guide provides you with instructions on how to make quick and tasty meals along with basic cooking skills. It also introduces young ladies to the long-standing tradition of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters in the kitchen cooking for the holidays. You will find information in this guide to be very refreshing to young ladies of all ages. As an added bonus you can add your family recipes that have been passed down for generations to this handy cookbook.”

As each family looked forward to their holiday family traditions, this cooking guide is the best bet for a young lady to learn how to cook like her ancestors for the holidays and be part of their family traditions.

About Michelle Marts-Shannon

Michelle Marts-Shannon is an Etiquette Consultant and Owner of M. Shannon Consulting in Los Angeles. She has a passion to assist young ladies in their journey of learning and discovery. She offers programs designed to help young ladies reach their full potential. Michelle Marts-Shannon provides a variety of classes to discuss the importance of etiquette, image, self-esteem and making good choices.

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