Why does BW stand out among all exchanges?

As the year draws to a close, with the Christmas, New Year’s Day and Chinese Spring Festival approaching, according to past experience, there is a high probability that a wave of market will appear. Long and short games will soon see the results. Once the situation is clear, it is time for the masters to sharpen their swords. So, let’s take a look at the similarities and differences of money-making tools of major exchanges. The so-called workers who want to do good things must first sharpen their tools.

Margin trading on BW:

As the derivative of leveraged financial investment, interest is the recognized income source of trading platform. This time, BW margin trading product is the first in the world to break out of the confines of existing financial products as an interest-free product. Currently it supports BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, EOS, XRP and other mainstream currencies.

Margin trading on BW is different from mainstream exchanges.

Highest multiple

BW margin provides a leverage of 20 times. Compared to other exchanges, both Huobi and Binance provide up to 5 times leverage, and BW obviously provides traders with more trading options.


In terms of interest, compared with OK (0.098%), Huobi( 0.098%). Binance (0.024%), BW margin comes without interest. The move by BW not using interest as income would yield tangible benefits to the vast majority of investors.


Like the mainstream exchanges of OK, Huobi, and Binance, BW implements the two-way token borrowing mode, and users who hold base token can borrow both base and quote tokens.

Loan limitation

BW does not have any borrowing restrictions. Huobi has the minimum borrowing limit. OK, Binance and BW do not limit the minimum borrowing amount.

Asset information

In terms of asset information transparency, the four major exchanges (BW, OK, Huobi and Binance) can check available tokens and borrowed quantity.

Position information

For position information, only BW can check net position of sell short and buy long, the profit and loss. With extra two-way position function, you can open both long and short. OK, Huobi and Binance do not have this function. Position transparency gives investors a step up in controlling their money. Two-way positions allow traders to operate like fish in water.


BW is like several other major exchanges and offer price-limit trading, market trading, stop profit and stop loss function.


For the disposal of liquidation, we can see that the BW exchange is really the conscience of the industry. BW has no fees for liquidation. After the position is closed, OK will deduct the handling fee. User account on Huobi will be frozen if margin debt is not cleared after liquidation.

Innovative functions

Users can directly see the long and short positions, the average price of the positions, the return and the rate of return. Very intuitive display of user’s position information, without manual calculations. Profit and loss data at a glance, making the era of holding a calculator a thing of the past.

Recent BW margin events:

BW is holding two major events now, which should not be missed.

1. Participate in the BW official margin trading, you can sign in to receive BTC (able to withdraw and trade)

2. Participate in the BW beta margin trading, and if the rate of return is not less than 10%, you can receive 10 USDT trial bonus.

BW vision

BW Exchange is the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea. At present, it has reached cooperation with nearly 100 Korean project parties, with more than 200,000 registered users in Korea and more than 80,000 users who have completed KYC real-name authentication. BW has an ambitious vision for the future and hopes to provide comprehensive and in-depth services for investors, continuously improve the service level and offer as comprehensive functions as possible. BW’s goal is to become a leader in the cryptocurrency trading community.

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