The New Insight, Foresight and Eyesight to Leadership: The ‘Triple-Set Leader’ Framework

There are several core leadership theories in the world, whether across industries, at the market place, for economics & businesses or in academic studies. From traits theories to behavioral theories, from contingency theories to power & influence theories, from transformational to transactional to the recent creative leadership style, these are some of the leadership frameworks found in the industry.

‘Nowadays, leadership is multi-dimensional… it’s of the thinking mind, the knowing hands and the understanding heart.’
– the Triple-set Leadership Team

The head of a team, division and even an organisation is highly significant to the success of the unit. How a person would lead oneself is therefore correlated to the leading of a team. There is a saying that goes ‘It is not just where a person is going that is important, who that person follows and go with is will greatly result in the reaching of the destination and/or achievement of the goal.’

And with the emergence of the millennials as the new influx into and additional manpower to the work force of the world, there is a need to for new insight and fresh perspectives into the inner perception of this generational group, eyesight on how to they would act and react individually, and foresight on how to lead this new generation of the work force.

What Is It?

It has been said that ‘Everyone can be a leader’. In the studies of Triple-Set Leadership, it is believed that ‘Everyone IS a leader’. Leading need not just mean being in charge of a team; how one leads himself and herself in all matters of life and tasks at work is also pertinent to one’s and team’s success. One may even say that leadership starts with self.

Henceforth, Triple-Set Leadership’s tagline – ‘Lead Yourself. Guide Others’.

The ‘Triple-Set Leader’ studies has spanned across, can be applied in and is inclusive of the various multiple sectors, industries, markets, businesses, situational context and genres in the world. The framework is based on the notion that leadership nowadays is multi-dimensional – it centres around the following 3 aspects: the thinking mind, the knowing hands and the understanding heart:


The New Foresight of Leadership

A person’s leadership mindset can be referred to as the Aptitude of the leader. As Warren G. Bennis put it ‘Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality’. A leader must be able to possess high cognitive skills to devise both short- and mid-term plans, pre-empt situations and even look into projection of the team and organisation with long-term goals. Some of these leadership qualities are being open-minded, forward-thinking, innovative, etc. People with high score in this aspect of Triple-Set Leadership are termed as the ‘Strategising Leader’.


The New Eyesight to Leadership

The Altitude of a leader is highly visible from the way he or she displays and demonstrates the various skills possessed by the person. Like what Mark Yarnell shared, ‘A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible’, a leader who is highly knowledgeable will be able to share with his or her team and others the skills needed to complete a task required. Effective task completion, delegation, empowerment, etc. are just some of the leadership qualities in this aspect. People with high score in this aspect of Triple-Set Leadership are termed as the ‘Demonstrating Leader’.


The New Insight into Leadership

People can feel from the heart the Attitude of a leader from the way understanding, appreciation, care and concern is administered.  ‘People can forget what you said, they can forget what you did. But they will never forget how you make them feel’ (Maya Angelou). With the new emerging work force being millennials nowadays, a successful leader now needs to show a significant level of empathy, encouragement and recognition, with a hinge of personal touch. High EQ, excellent relationship management, mentoring & counselling skills, etc. are some of the set of skills a leader should possess in this aspect. People with high score in this aspect of Triple-Set Leadership are termed as the ‘Empathising Leader’.

To know more about own’s Triple-Set Leadership Evaluative Results, there are 3 formats one can go through the Evaluative Test:

i) the Evaluative Grid – Written Test

   – using the Likert Scale as a measurement tool, questions with reference to the leadership qualities of Triple-Set Leader are asked and a number be assigned to the degree of agreeability

ii) the Evaluative Cards Test

– a series of cards with choices of the 3 sets of leadership’s qualities will be shown, and have to be selected to determine the Triple-Set Leader Evaluative Results

iii) the Online Real-Time Evaluative Test

     – the online test comes with the Triple-Set Leader Evaluative Results, in the form of report & findings, emailed directly to your designated email address

Who Should Take the Test?

The Triple-Set Leadership Evaluative Grid Test comes with on-the-spot full-report (for online only), and is suitable for the following group of audience:

– Management personnel and/or people in the leadership position of corporations, companies, businesses, organisations, etc. who wants to find out more about their leadership inclination

– Human Resource or Recruitment department who wants to look out for potential people for work in their organisations, or on the lookout for potential leaders within their company

– Training or Talent Development department who wants to discover the staff’s leadership gaps, so as to administer the right leadership training focus for all staff 

– Recruiting & Interviewing companies or businesses who wants to ascertain the interviewers’ personal leading’s inclination, level & potential

– Educational institutions (tertiary – universities, postgraduate schools, polytechnics, etc., high school – colleges, high schools, secondary schools, etc., junior schools – primary schools, etc.) who wants their undergraduates or students to know more about themselves with reference to their innate leadership’s aspects

– Anyone who just wants to know more about themselves to excel further in their personal development, self-leading and leadership aspects. 

‘Leadership is a result of making others better as a result of your presence and making sure impact lasts in your absence.’
– Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

The Next Step In Mastery

‘Never judge leadership success by position, base it on influence and inspiration.’ – the Triple-set Leadership Team

It’s important to upskill and develop further oneself after getting to know your Triple-Set Leader Evaluative Results. The following is the list of the training programmes available: 

Who to Contact?

For any enquiry regarding the Triple-Set Leadership framework, the Personal Development, Self-Leading and Leadership Training & Development Programme Series, please log onto and send it to the Triple-Set Leadership Team through the Contact Form.

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