Dispute And Win Seattle Parking Tickets Using An iPhone

I originally started DoNotPay to fight my own parking tickets and became an accidental witness to how lawyers are exploiting human misery. People getting parking tickets are the most vulnerable in society. These people aren’t looking to break the law. I think they’re being exploited as a revenue source by the local government. I hope that DoNotPay, by helping with this issue and many more, will ultimately give everyone the same legal power as the richest in society.
DoNotPay is a robot lawyer specializing in overturning parking tickets. The app generates an appeal on your behalf, based on the information you provide, and uses it to invalidate tickets from both state-owned and private parking lots. If your ticket is illegible in any way, DoNotPay will use that to reduce or completely void the fine.

If you believe that you need to pay for a lawyer and waste your whole day in order to dispute a parking ticket, think again. DoNotPay, an AI lawyer, can do it for you.

In places like Seattle, where there aren’t many ways to reduce your parking fine, DoNotPay is indispensable. This handy little app makes parking ticket disputes a breeze. With over 225,000 voided tickets at a 74% success rate, DoNotPay has plenty of achievements to brag about.

Of course, one can always go to the parking service and try to dispute a ticket. This process, however, may take a lot of time and chances of success are not that great. There are plenty of documents you need to have to make an appeal, including witness statements, writing checks and letters, and waiting in long queues. DoNotPay makes this procedure fast and simple.

After downloading the app from Apple’s App Store or opening it in your web browser, open the chatbot. Answer the questions regarding your parking ticket and attach an image of your parking citation. The app will generate an appeal for you.

There are plenty of reasons why your parking ticket should be voided. The most common arguments are:

  • You do not own the car (the ticket was made before you bought it or after you sold it)

  • You weren’t the one who parked the car

  • Unclear parking restrictions in the street

  • Conflicting parking regulations in the street

  • Missing information on the ticket

  • Incorrect information on the ticket

If you notice that the paint on the street sign was faded or that the writing on the ticket is a bit difficult to read, make sure to mention it in your conversation with the chatbot. There are also several factors that can make the ticket illegible due to the lack of information. Your ticket can easily be disputed if some of the following information is incorrect or missing:

  • License plate number

  • Color of the vehicle

  • Vehicle type

  • Vehicle manufacturer

  • Model and year of the vehicle

  • Time and date

  • City and country

Disputing your parking tickets is important and may save you a lot of money. Even if your ticket is not voided, there is always a chance your fine will get reduced. Most states will gladly reduce the fine just because you took the time to write an appeal. And with DoNotPay, the whole process takes less than a minute, so you have nothing to lose.

What’s so great about DoNotPay is that it can not only dispute parking tickets from the state-owned parking spots but also those from private parking lots. In Seattle, these include Imperial Parking (better known as Impark), Douglas Parking, Ace Parking, SP+ (Standard Parking), Lanier Parking, Laz Parking, ABM Parking Services, and Towne Parking.

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