EZCast Demos the EZCast MagicLink and EZCast Ultra at CES 2020

EZCast Demos the EZCast MagicLink and EZCast Ultra at CES 2020
Experience mesmerizingly clear 4K video and multimedia

New Taipei City, Taiwan – December 19, 2019 – EZCast, a leading innovator of wireless display technologies in Taiwan, will demo the EZCast MagicLink using the Tenda AC19 router and EZCast Ultra at CES 2020. The EZCast MagicLink is an easy-to-use USB to HDMI cable which delivers 1080P streamed content to any multimedia device. The EZCast Ultra is capable of providing a 4K experience over Wi-Fi. Experience amazing viewing quality at the CES 2020 demo.

EZCast will showcase its latest products at the show to illustrate EZCast’s stable and excellent cable and wireless video quality. The products on display are the EZCast Ultra (4K HDR Wi-Fi display receiver), the new EZCast Beam V3 (2D keystone correction LCD projector), the MagicEther (Ethernet display receiver), the MagicLink (multimedia cable), and the EZCast Pro (5GHz Wi-Fi dongle). All these products display fine multimedia, video, and audio quality.

EZCast MagicLink

EZCast’s MagicLink will be demoed using a Tenda AC19 router. Experience true visual quality using this mighty cable. MagicLink casts wired multimedia to any display via HDMI. Mirror or extend multimedia onto two screens, watch content from anywhere using wireless mode via a router as it instantly becomes a wireless projector, stream from any platform (iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows), and manage video hands-free by casting video using voice control to an Amazon Echo or Google Assist. Furthermore, it can connect to a projector or TV directly as well. Using the Lightning USB 3.0 adapter and USB hub, users can connect their iPhones to a screen, keyboard, and mouse and directly operate the same iPhone functions on the screen itself – as if you are using your iPhone like a PC.

EZCast Ultra

EZCast Ultra is your mobile partner to broadcast stable wireless cinematic video and multimedia to any display. With 1080p, 4K, HD, HDR, 60fps display, the EZCast Ultra provides sharp images, smooth and crisp viewing pleasure on iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. Use Alexa or Google Assist to voice control different multimedia devices and provides Bluetooth setup for easy accessibility. A unique feature available on the EZCast Ultra is support for YouTube streaming which means that if you are using your iPhone, Android, or PC on the same network you can watch YouTube videos directly even while you are multitasking with other tasks on your phone.

EZCast Beam V3

The most progressive LCD projector makes its debut at CES 2020. This proprietary 2D keystone correction 200 lumens LCD projector works with mobile devices. It supports 720p imaging and projects ultra high photo and video quality projections onto any format.

EZCast MagicEther

This cable provides the link from router to display device. It is a stable and lightning fast device used to stream high resolution images and video, without buffering, in full HD mode. It works with all the popular platforms, video casting to Amazon Alexa and Google Assist devices, and more importantly works smoothly with all routers. EZCast MagicEther also supports YouTube streaming from any device as well as the capability to multitask by using other apps and still stream YouTube content. Using a PC that might entail watching YouTube videos in the Chrome browser directly.

EZCast Pro

The EZCast Pro is a wireless dongle developed to bring wireless streaming from any device to office multimedia. Stream 1-to-many or 1-to-1 wireless presentations or corporate multimedia advertisements onto digital screens and with the app broadcast full-quality streaming media.

All these devices will be on display for the audience to view and see real-time demos.

Read more about the CES 2020 at https://www.ezcast.com/blog/5389/ces-2020

EZCast at CES 2020

Please come visit us on January 7 to 10 at –

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center

Booth: LVCC Tech East, South Halls 4, Booth 35777

About EZCast

EZCast owned by Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd and is a multimedia brand located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. We produce wireless digital accessories, Wi-Fi dongles, digital beam projectors, MagicEther and MagicLink. All our products are thoroughly tested and packed to excellent quality standards. EZCast is a leading provider of universal screen mirroring technologies. We have created the EZCast Universal Wireless Display Receiver dongles, include EZCast 4K, EZCast Wire, EZCast Classic to help you screen mirror your smartphones to TV. Our platform supports iOS Screen Mirroring and Miracast, so you can connect your iPhones and Android phones to HDTVs. The Universal Wireless Display Receiver dongles also support Windows and Mac laptops, so you can use Miracast or iOS Screen Mirroring to share screens to TV.

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