Global Games, A Next Generation Game Publisher, Takes Steps Toward The Future Under CEO’s Leadership

Global Games has taken dynamic steps toward the future. Now supporting more than 750,000 accounts in Brazil, Global Games continues to position itself as a global market leader under the direction and guidance of its dynamic Chief Executive Officer, Ivan Schroll, who has taken the platform to new heights.

20 December, 2019 – Global Games, a next-generation online game publisher, is bringing new entertainment experiences to players around the world. Led by Chief Executive Officer Ivan Schroll, Global Games has established itself as a leader in the global market for its dynamic approaches to gaming and gaming services.

In an innovative and developing era, Global Games has supported in-door video games with HD graphics and high difficulty levels. Under the ambitious leadership of Schroll, Global Games has continued to expand and develop, attracting more than 750,000 active accounts throughout Brazil by offering the market’s best services.

Schroll, as CEO, has played a major role in the collective hard work and efficiency of the organization. His overwhelming will to work and envision next-generation solutions has resulted in success and speaks as a testament to his strong leadership capabilities. For him, excellence and innovation are everything, and the expectations of gamers and members of the Global Games community are put first. Under his guidance, Global Games is expected to be successful by leaps and bounds in the future.

With salient features, Global Games can only be played online with other gamers from all over the Brazil, giving players an interesting and playful experience where they can build a world of their own as creators of the storyline. This enhances the decision-making skills of players by putting them in the driver’s seat.

Under Schroll, Global Games has also secured partnerships with important industry stakeholders, including NetDragon, Websoft, a multi-player games provider for player versus player systems, and Razer, a world leader in technology peripherals. Such crucial partnerships exhibit Global Games’ ability to develop the best products possible and speak to its importance in the digital age.

As Global Games continues to grow under Schroll’s leadership, Global Games will also continue to provide customers with a chance to play in co-operative learning environments that build mental skills and boost creativity through a wide network of player-to-player interactions. A full-fledged online games publisher, Global Games is passionate about promoting the best gaming environments and experiences available.

About Global Games

Global Games is an online game publisher committed to providing its clients with the best kind of entertainment and to work for their satisfaction. Supporting games and game services, including active chats on Facebook, game forums, and help desks, users can interact with professionals online for a better and enhanced experience. Established in 2008 at Santos / São Paulo, Global Games has established itself as a market leader for its innovative approaches, led by its dynamic Chief Executive Officer, Ivan Schroll.

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