On Waves’ Design Announces the Launch of Its New Stock Photo Website in 2020

“Illuminating the art industry”.

Have you heard of On Waves’ Design and it’s soon to be launched new stock photo website? If not, it is high time you did, as the new innovation will be designed to help artists make a substantial profit off of their stock photos while still providing a strong service for it’s patrons. Waves Stock is a must have website for digital artists and photographers looking to profit online easily.

On Waves’ Design, a leading graphic design company earlier announced today about their soon to be launched new Stock Photo website in 2020, prior to its launch the new stock photo website will give artists some of the highest commission for selling their works thereby also allowing their works to be known globally. The new addition from On Waves’ Design will bolster their service flexibility and overall effectiveness to their clients.

On Waves’ Design are looking for digital artists and photographers to join the beta test for the site. How does this work? All you have to do is on their site and the registration is free. Over the years On Waves’ Design has become a trusted platform among users, thus significantly expanding its platform to several new clients over the past years.

In a digital age where most things are made convenient and formidably on point, a blistering new innovation comes to clarify the needs of artists who find it difficult to maximize more profits for their works. The new Stock Photo website from On Waves’ Design which is set to run in early 2020 has now made it easier for artists to receive a 45% to 60% commission on every item of theirs sold. All the features of the website are developed towards one goal – An equal balance of affordable stock photos for clients and maximization of profit for artists.

When asked about the brainchild to the new Stock Photo Website Kevin O’Connell the Lead Developer of On Waves’ Design commented “The idea dawned on us while out on a nature walk. We discussed how we should sell our photos online and how we could help others like us do the same. After realizing that many gifted artists across the world don’t get rewarded enough for the passion they love we decided to create a site with high commissions. With the birth of our new website we hope to have an almost grass roots effect with this”.

“Now, on the cusp of 2020 we want to offer an even bigger platform for artists to showcase their work. With this Stock Footage website we want to give artists the opportunity to sell their work and get an honest commission,” he added.

“It has always been a goal of ours to lift up fellow artists and bring awareness of how important art really is in our everyday life.”

At On Waves’ Design their team of talented experts work hard to provide its clients with the best quality service.

For more information and sign up, visit their website https://wavesstock.com or send an email to [email protected].

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On Waves’ Design is a leading graphic design company based in Virginia, USA. In 2015 the company started the first North Shore Arts and Music Festival, a nonprofit festival that celebrated the arts and gave new artists an affordable platform to showcase their work. Its mission is to be the most trusted graphic design company ever to be known in the US. The graphic design company is best known for it’s work in website design, illustration, printing and publications, and professional photo editing service. The company services directly Newport News, VA, Williamsburg, VA, Jamestown, VA, Yorktown, VA All of Hampton Roads VA, and remotely across the United States.

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